5/10/15 (2nd update)

Elijah’s Surgeon came out again, and told us that the surgery is complete! The bones in his right leg fit together far more easily than expected. What a quick answer to prayer! He is truly mighty to save. Keep praying. . .

With you in prayer, 



14 thoughts on “5/10/15 (2nd update)

    • Thanking God for his protection and healing touch , He truly is The Great Physician!! Keeping both Elijah & Autumn in my prayers for continued healing and complete recoveries for them both!!

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  1. Thanks to the Lord for His loving kindness! Thank you Haley for keeping us updated. Brenna, Randy, Grace, Spencer, Ezekiel, Evan and Heather, may God continue to carry you through this in His arms. You are loved by many! Praying! ~ the Todd Schmidt family

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  2. Brenna, we are praying for Elijah and Autumn and all of you. Sometimes it helps me to remember that God is still God and that his character is love. Psalm 103

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  3. Praise God!!!! That is awesome!! God is so answering prayers!!! …and He’s being true to who He is…-the Healer!! I expect to be hearing more good about Them Both in the near future!

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  4. So so sorry to hear abut this but praise the Lord for His healing power. May the good Lord cover Elijah and Autumn with His blanket of protection. I will keep all of you in my prayers..
    Scott and Cinnamon, Elijah and his family do not know who I am but please tell them I am praying for all of you.

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