This blog has been started to keep friends and family informed about Elijah and Autumn’s condition, and to consistently update you all on how you can be joining us in prayer. We know many of you are much, much further away than you’d like to be; this is our effort at efficiently keeping you ‘in the loop’, while easing the family’s responsibility to respond individually to the numerous messages from loved family and friends.  If you follow this blog (by clicking the button directly to the right), you will get an email notification every time we post an update.

We ask that you refrain from contacting the families during the first stretch here; there is a lot to process right now, and we are trying to keep updates coming mainly through this website. There are contact numbers for necessary use, however, on the right hand side of this page.

If you’re a reader who is just beginning to follow Elijah, Autumn, and their family’s journeys and would like to catch up on the history a bit, here is the link to the first update given on the blog. You can follow along from there.


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  1. Have placed Elijah and Autumn on my prayer chain at First Christian Church of Sedalia, MO. Praying for them and both sets of parents. May God keep you all strong as He guides the doctors in helping this beautiful young couple to full recovery!

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  2. We are spreading the word and have people praying in the New England area and beyond. We are reminded that our God does not forsake his children and praying that He will be a constant source of love, comfort, and encouragement to Elijah, Autumn, and all family members for the journey ahead.

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  3. I am so happy that a friend shared this page with me and that Elijah and Autumn are alive and being supported so strongly by family and friends.
    I was driving home from work on Friday evening on SB I25 and was just a few cars back from the accident. By the time I stopped just a minute later, many amazing souls had already rushed to help these two. I saw the beauty of humanity come together in the moments before paramedics arrived. Know that Elijah and Autumn, although unknown to all of us in those moments, were being watched over and cared for every second after that accident happened by some incredible strangers that God no doubt brought together that night.

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  4. Many, many prayers coming to you from the Rapids Club kids and families in Rapid City SD. Elijah and Autumn are 2 incredible young adults. May God hold them and protect them, heal them and restore them in the following days and weeks to come, and may they become a testimony to Him and to miracles. We may not always understand Gods hand, but we can always trust His heart. Selah

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  5. Saw this on my newsfeed and shared on my timeline n with church family past n present…….The faith that is being shared by the friends and family of Autumn n Elijah is so encouraging…..And Haley what an amazing job you are doing with the updates……the words you share are so full of wisdom and faith….what an amazing friend you are….

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  6. A friend from our church whose son is from Cheyenne, WY received a notice from her son about these beautiful families and the accident. I have put Autumn and Elijah as well as the families on our prayer chain here in Mesquite, NV. Thank you for this blog and all the updates that I send out to our prayer chain daily. We are being blessed with the messages that are sent out because of the close relationships these family members have with the Lord. We are praying the Lord lay His hand upon these special kids that are His servants and bring them complete healing. Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not for I am with you. Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will help you. I will strengthen you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” May God bless you all.

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  7. Hello, Haley – thank you for keeping the blog up for all of us who either know or who have found out about Elijah & Autumn. We are home schoolers from Wyoming, and this has been on our hearts and minds since we heard – we are finally able to donate today as well. My daughter (graduated from home school last year) is a singer/songwriter and a last year she wrote this song for friends of ours who suddenly lost a family member. She has since recorded it on an album, and we would love to send both Elijah and Autumn a copy of the CD for when they can listen to it, or for their families to listen. We can also send a free download link to them with your help, however it would be best for them. In the meantime, here is the acoustic version of the song on YouTube whenever you feel it’s right to pass it along to their families. Please let me know if we can send the CDs or the download links to them.

    In Christ,
    Summer Whelchel
    Skylar Kaylyn

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    • Hello Summer,
      Thank you so very much for your support, your prayer, following Elijah and Autumn’s story, and for sharing about Skylar’s music –each of these things is a huge gift to us! I’m thinking the CDs would be best for both the Lowry’s and the Schwinn’s… They can be mailed to:

      412 Weatherby Drive
      Cheyenne, WY 82007

      Also, if you happen to need it, emails can be sent to: firmontherock@gmail.com

      Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂
      by His grace and for His glory,


  8. I heard about the accident from a friend on Facebook just after it happened, and I’ve been following Elijah and Autumn’s progress since then. I just want you to know that people are still out here praying for your families. The Lord is faithful, and you will never be alone.

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