The Accident

Elijah Lowry and Autumn Schwinn were in an auto accident that took place on May 8th, 2015 on north bound I-25, just past the Wyoming/Colorado border. The roads were wet, and the vehicle may have hydroplaned. The truck struck the median, and went air-born. The vehicle hit the cables in the median, rolled, and came to rest in the right hand south-bound lane of I-25.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.46.40 PM

Elijah and Autumn were taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, where their injuries were assessed, and Autumn was transported via ambulance down to a hospital in Denver, CO. And thus began a lengthy recovery journey, upheld by the grace of God, recorded here for us to share in the story. Thanks for reading and praying!

To watch the local news report on the accident, click here


15 thoughts on “The Accident

  1. Recently found out that the first two people to stop and help at the accident was a nurse and an EMT! (We just don’t know who they were) Thanks to whoever you were.

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  2. It brings me to tears to read this. It’s like nothing else matters even what I’m about to go through. Please,don’t loose your Faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I pray that Ejliah will come out of the coma successfully and off the vent. God knows he has a long road ahead of him and has already answered the prayers of many. Autumn also is in God,s hands regardless the outcome. We all know what we want to happen. Keep the Faith. May God’s will be done.


    My wife and I have dealt with many in your situation threw an organization called Victims Inc. If you need any slice or comfort, please call and talk to Pat Rainboth at 603 335 7777.
    She’s there to listen even though it’s far away.
    She probably will not be able to help in any other way. But, I know she will pray for your family.

    Faith in Christ


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  3. Lord, look upon Autumn and Elijah with eyes of mercy, may Your healing hand rest upon them both, may Your lifegiving powers flow into every cell of their bodies and into the depths of their soul as well, cleansing, purifying, healing & restoring these precious children of Yours to wholeness and strength. I ask for Your abounding healing love to them. In Jesus name I pray. Amen♥
    I have shared them for prayer on my ministry page as well. My heart goes out to you all.

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  5. I have been following their story from day 1…I will continue to keep both Elijah and Autumn in my prayers, and of course, both families…<3 Sending lots of love and support during this difficult time!

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  6. Most High God, Thank you for Autumn and Elijah. I ask that for each of us reading this, that as Mark shares, you would truly help our unbelief. We claim healing and Your perfect Will in their lives, for we know that as much as they are loved by their families, Your love is even greater. For You Love us the mostest of Anyone. Continue to heal, to lead, to speak through these two amazing young people- they are truly testimonies of your Power and Grace. Surround both families, and specifically their siblings. Provide extra Mommas and Daddys to surround and love them and to rally around and speak your truth into their young and questioning hearts, that each of these families would come to feel incredibly surrounded and loved. Keep the healing coming. Give both families sweet moments of peace and Your precious presence. AMEN.

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    • Hello, Ginger! Thank you so much for remembering us. 🙂 updates have been posted on the link below –clicking on it will re-route you to a different section of the blog. Once you’re on the home page, click on the archives button and select “May 2015” to begin reading about Autumn and Elijah’s recovery journeys.

      Pray for Autumn and Elijah – updates and prayer requests

      I hope that helps; feel free to post any other questions that you may have. Have a blessed week!


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