5/10/15 (Update 3!)

Elijah’s update:

  • Pray that Elijah’s body would absorb all of the extra fluid. He has gained 30+ lbs of fluid weight in the last 36 hours that his body has not yet absorbed appropriately. This is from a combination of the blood transfusions, IV fluids, the medications he is on to manage pain, and just the initial impact (which was extreme). Pray also that organ systems would function properly, so that all of the fluid can be absorbed quickly.
  • They are attempting to take him off of the ventilator tomorrow morning at 5 AM, MST. When they have attempted this before, it has put him in extreme distress, and his vitals change drastically. Pray that his pain would be low enough to allow his body to cope with the procedure.
  • Because of the amount of anesthesia that has been necessary to keep him in a coma, Elijah is having violent withdrawal tremors from the anesthesia as they are trying to lessen his sedation.
  • Pray that Elijah would regain consciousness, and his pain would be managed!

Autumn’s update:  Words from Cinnamon, Autumn’s mom:

“Autumn had her cranial pressure sensor removed and had an MRI today to begin to asses the degree of neurological damage.  She had good neuro exams and when her dad asked if she knew he was there she nodded! The docs feel like she is moving past the danger of cranial pressure.  The neurologist will see her tomorrow and she is scheduled for a 5 hour surgery on Tuesday to repair facial fractures.  Due to these fractures she has a spinal fluid leak from her nose.  It has been a miracle in helping to relieve cranial pressure, but there is a risk of infection, so please be in prayer regarding that!!  Seeing so many miracles and The Lord working in this!!  Thank you for your prayers and going to the throne for our precious children!! They’re having a spinal doc to look at her cervical spine.  There might be a subluxation [a partial dislocation], so for the moment they’re keeping the cervical collar on and they don’t want to risk any spinal cord damage.  Right now there appears to be no spinal cord damage as she moves all extremities if she’s agitated or during neuro exams.”

Then, a few minutes later, she added:

“We just found out that the spinal team is coming now and will be putting her in traction to stabilize her cervical vertebrae.  There could be a minimal chance of damage to her spinal cord.  Please pray for wisdom and protection!!!”

Please, continue praying for the parents and siblings of these very loved teenagers . . . each day holds new challenges, new baits toward fear, new tears, and new tests of faith. Thank you for joining them in the fire. Keep praying –without ceasing! We are seeing unbelievable answers to prayer –some instantaneous. Thank you! ~Haley


8 thoughts on “5/10/15 (Update 3!)

  1. Please know that I will continue to keep these precious children of the Lord in my prayers. I am praying for healing, answers and pain control for them while they undergo the necessary procedures. God is faithful and answers prayers of those that come together in hm His name!!!

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  2. I’m so excited to hear what all Jesus, The Healer is doing!!! I’m continually standing in prayer for and with these families!!!!
    God is moving. God is Working. Thank you so much Haley for all your work keeping us all updated!!
    God bless you all!


  3. Oh God! You are indescribable. This is so miraculous! I will be praying.. Jesus..nothing can describe our gratitude to you…. awestruck. Simply awestruck!


  4. Heavenly Father, please completely heal these beautiful children of yours and allow them life here on earth with their families. Give the doctors wisdom with each situation. Comfort their parents and siblings and bring them an incredible peace that only you can give. Help them turn to you each second for strength, as we can’t make it through trials without you. Thank you for the healing that has already occurred. I lift them up in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    I don’t know you all, but my heart goes out to you. I have dealt with several different medical issues with different children including my 4 month old going to Heaven. I understand what a struggle it is to be in the hospital day in and day out. I pray God gives you strength, comfort, and peace. It’s such a difficult place to be, but He hears your cries!! Continue to turn to Him! He loves those children more than you do and He is doing what’s best for the entire family. I’m sorry you Mommas had to have a Mother’s Day like this, but know many are lifting you up in prayer!

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 5 (living kiddos) and I live in Denver near Children’s hospital (not sure if your there), but if there’s anything at all that I could help with please don’t hesitate to let me know. Also, the nonprofit God lead me to start after my daughter passed away (www.loveofgrace.org) brings meals to families in the hospital or to the family staying home. If this would be helpful for you please let me know. We could probably arrange this in Cheyenne or Colorado as I have family in WY. Praying for Jesus’ love to cover you all!!!

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  5. First and foremost, we are continuing to pray for Autumn and Elijah’s healings and thanking God for his watch care over them both at all times. Secondly, Haley you are performing a huge service for both of these families and I am anxious to meet you. I recently observed the fluid accumulation that Elijah is experiencing in a family member that underwent emergency surgery. As a nurse I tried to explain it to my family and coined a phrase that helped, the”fluid is in outer space”. Fluid that usually hangs around in our blood vessels and cells gets shoved out into all the other available spaces due to pressure changes. It is quite distressing to see this process and it may take some time to be corrected so that it doesn’t all move back too quickly. I believe that God provided this “third spacing phenomenon” as some protective mechanism that I, as of yet do not fully understand.

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