Meet Elijah & Autumn

Get to know Elijah & Family


from left: Evan (22), Ezekiel (10), Randy, Brenna, Grace (16), Spencer (12), Elijah (18)

Randy and Brenna met in high school and were married in 1987. By God’s grace, they have each received the gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Randy works as an engineer in the energy industry.  Brenna’s training is in speech and language pathology, and she is currently homeschooling their three youngest children. Elijah is second in the birth order of their five children; he graduated from high school in 2014.


Elijah’ means ‘Jehovah is God’. Foremost, Elijah is a born again believer in Jesus Christ. He is a tender-hearted, kind, principled and discerning young man. He loves to think and challenge paradigms by engaging in philosophical/ political/ biblical discussions with those who are willing —especially his parents. Pursuing this passion, he achieved top ranks in STOA speech and debate at the national level. Elijah worked at a ranch, and for many years the Lord has placed him in various leadership roles mentoring other teens through TeenPact. Most recently he served as a legislative intern during the 2015 Wyoming Legislative session. Filmmaking has been Elijah’s pursuit during the past four years. He finds much joy in the creative process and has posted many of his short films on youtube at ‘Lowry Bros. Studios’ (Elijah’s dream was to get a thousand views on his videos. This one would be a great place to start!). The day of the accident marked the culmination of a 15 minute short, which he entered in the ‘Young Filmmakers Contest‘. He collaborated with four friends and his sister.
His younger siblings would say that Elijah is kind, and shows his love to them in many ways. He tells his sister that she is ‘totes adorbes’, and always takes the time to enter the land of Spencer-anians and Zeke-eranians on the trampoline. His big brother considers him his best friend and they have had many long talks about a variety of politics and other such philosophical subjects. In addition, his sister-in-law would add that Elijah is a warm welcoming friend to all, with a witty sense of humor, and a great brother.
He likes to stay up late and get up later. He is into ‘40s music and shaving with a straight razor. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and toast constitute his primary dietary item. He dominates in Axis and Allies much to the chagrin of his brothers. His mom loves his similar sense of humor and his willingness to challenge her thinking with his gift of discernment. She also enjoys beating him in board games 😉 . He brightens our family.

Get to know Autumn & Family


from left: Hunter (17), Summit (2), Aspen (6), Cinnamon, Forrest (12), Scott, Canyon (10), Autumn (19)

Scott and Cinnamon were married in in 1994 while attending Cedarville University. Scott and Cinnamon home-school all of their children and navigated Autumn through their first graduation last year.  Scott has a ministry background and has managed their family business for the last 8 years. Cinnamon has loved spending time investing into the kids education and has also worked as a labor and delivery nurse at times over the years.

We knew Autumn was an amazing child with God’s special touch since she was young.  Even as a young girl she was adamant about faithfully praying for missionaries she knew serving in other countries.  She has an incredible servants heart always encouraging others and giving of her time to make sure the needs of others were met before her own.

Autumn met Elijah in a local speech and debate club where they eventually became debate partners.  Last year they enjoyed God’s blessing in making it to the national tournament.

Autumn enjoys singing, writing, photography, running, coaching speech and debate, and spending time with Elijah.  She is enrolled at Metro-State University in Denver for fall classes majoring in Journalism and Photography.  She has been passionate about providing truthful reporting and accurate research in a world full of shallow and biased media outlets.

We are amazed at what God is doing through this trial already.  There are miracles in the story of the accident, as well as multiple fingerprints of God in our medical journey back to health.  We are thanking Him for sparing our precious children for a special plan that will slowly be unfolded in front of us all.


Elijah and Autumn (middle), with friends from Speech & Debate


19 thoughts on “Meet Elijah & Autumn

  1. God bless you all! We will continue to pray, and know God will use you and teach you many things as well. We’ve had 2 sons in critical medical situations, and know how difficult it can be at the time, and yet I look back and thank the Lord for all He did through it. May He, who doeth all things well, be your comfort, strength and joy during this trial.

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  2. Brenna, we just love you guys! What a privilege after so many years to be getting to know you all as family in Christ. What a beautiful family and how blessed you all are in having Elijah as son, brother, friend! His videos have been making us all laugh–good medicine!

    Scott and Cinnamon, It’s wonderful to see and learn a little about your dear Autumn and her family; whom we’ve been praying earnestly for! May God flood you with His grace!

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  3. As soon as I received the FACE prayer request email, we’ve been praying for you daily. Please know we are standing in faith with you all for Elijah & Autumn’s amazing recoveries, for every need to met (from the smallest to the biggest), and for you to feel the constant presence of Our Mighty God in your midst. HE IS WITH YOU!

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  4. Randy and Brenna, prayers from my family to you and yours for a complete recovery for both those beautiful children, my heart is with you and your family, and have been prating for you since hearing of this horrific tragedy.

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  5. I’m praying! Because the power of prayer is our tools to use! God is all powerful-keep the faith.
    I can say this because in 1988 I was in a horrific auto accident in Boulder & had similar injuries. The journey is tough, but He is there to help you through (holding your hand).
    Remember, all see Christ through your actions & responses. 😊

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  6. I will continue to pray for Autumn and Elijah, every day, every hour and every moment when my mind starts to wonder. Praying that God will bring them back to their families soon. HE always has wonderful things in store and I’m sure He’s not finished with Autumn and Elijah. God will bring them through! Stay strong, dear cousin, and I will continue praying every day!

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  7. May 19, 2015 from Luann Stone
    Scott and Cinnamon,
    Dean and I just heard about Autumn last night and I don’t know what to say. After all you have gone through and now this, it must be some kind of a message and with GODS Love, I know you will pull through this as you have done before. We will pray for you all and the young man also,
    It will be a long road to go down, but I know you all will survive.
    When I heard there had been a accident, I called Dean to see if he was ok as he was on his way
    back from a trip and then to find out it was someone we knew and we found out from one of the drivers from Ceva.
    GOD bless you and keep the faith and I will be following you on this websit. GOD Bless the person that did this.
    Luann and Dean Stone

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  8. All week when Elijah and Autumn come into my thoughts the lyrics to Everlasting God come to mind:

    Strength wil rise as we wait upon the Lord
    We will sait upon the Lord…

    Our God, You reign forever
    Our hope, our Strong Deliverer
    You are the everlasting God
    The everlasting God
    You do not faint
    You won’t grow weary.

    You’re the defender of the weak
    You comfort those in need
    You lift us up on wings like eagles.

    Randy and Brenna and Scott and Cinnamon your strength and vulnerability have been an unbelievable inspiration and testimony of your faith.
    My prayer continues to be for total restoration in body and mind for these precious children.
    May the Lord continue to uphold you, defend your loved ones, comfort you as you wait upon Him and lift you up.

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  9. It’s been a while since anyone commented on here, just as it took me a while to think of posting this. I should preface the conversation I’ll be transcribing like this: I don’t think I’m the only person to receive encouraging messages from Elijah. Furthermore, this was completely out of the blue. I hadn’t seen him or spoken with him for weeks before this came about, but nonetheless, Elijah is an encouraging guy in a very genuine, sincere, uplifting, and Christ-like manner. Now keep in mind I’m not posting this as a strange form of self-glorification or expression of egoism, but as an honest and well deserved tribute to Elijah’s character. Here’s the conversation:
    “Important Message!
    You are a smart guy.
    You also have a genuine heart.
    Seek Jesus with all you have.
    He is the ultimate prize.
    I like you, man.
    You’re awesome.
    That is all.
    Carry on.
    So that’s the kind of thing that Elijah, at least to me and the rest of the Densmore family, is known for. Just thought anyone else reading this blog should have the privilege of seeing those messages.


  10. I knew Elijah from the legislature program. He was an intern with me. Such sad news when I heard about this. He seemed like a very nice young man, and when he spoke about his future plans it seemed like he had a lot of good potential. I pray for him often, and wish the best for a speedy recovery.

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  11. Dear elijah and autum. So glad for God’s mercy. My nephew, ChandlerMathews, was in a terrible accident 7.5 weeks ago. Suffering from TBI. Elijah, he reminds me of you. He and his cousin had made videos in the woods that were so funny. We only learned of them after the accident. He too is a wonderful young christian with a burden for his family to serve Christ. We would be honored if you could communicate with him. He has amazed with his recovery , but his short term memory loss causes him to become sad. He’s walking with help talking.

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    • Hello, Gwen!
      I’m so sorry to hear of your nephew’s accident, but am so thankful that he survived and is persevering in his recovery journey! Those days take a great deal of courage.
      Is there an email address I could pass on to Elijah, so that he can contact Chandler? I’m sure Elijah would love to get in touch with him. If you’d rather not post contact info publicly on the blog, feel free to call/text me at (307)286-0469.
      – Haley


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