Update on 5/10/15 

Hello, everyone! We’re so thankful for all of your prayer and support; Jesus is so evident in all of this. 

Elijah went in for surgery at 8:40 AM this morning. The surgery to place rods in both of his femurs was estimated to take 3-4 hours, but we have been informed that it’s taken them that long to do only his left leg (his left side took the hardest impact). He’s looking at tentatively another 3 hours of surgery. 

Although we are so grateful he’s stable enough to continue, please keep praying for a successful surgery, wisdom for his surgeons, and the Hand of the Lord to be clearly upon this day! 

Please continue praying for Autumn, these next 24 hours are very critical. 


4 thoughts on “Update on 5/10/15 

  1. Great news to hear. Will certainly keep praying for both Autumn, and Elijah, that their recovery be good!! Praise God!!!


  2. Praise Jesus! We have been praying continually for both of them as well as their family, and have many others praying as well. We will continue to kneel in prayer, complete healing. Lots of love to Autumn & Elijah & the family.


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