5/12/15 (Elijah)

In Cheyenne, it’s been a very turbulent day. But Psalm 40:3 explains our state quite well:

“And He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.” 

Elijah’s MRI results were a long time in getting back to us. We had quite a scare; it was conveyed to us before we received the MRI results that Elijah’s brain had been without oxygen, and had been injured. A time of fervent prayer ensued, and it was probably about two hours before we heard the MRI results. It was so beautiful to hear voices being lifted up, recognizing that Elijah doesn’t belong to us. His life has been bought with a price; the precious blood of The Spotless Lamb. He doesn’t belong to himself –let alone to us! Nevertheless, we were crying out for complete healing. And . . . our Jesus answered. Brenna and Randy met with Elijah’s medical team, and spent a long time going over the results. We’ve been told that although his brain was injured, they see nothing that would hinder all functioning from being recovered! He is being kept quiet and calm, and will be having fewer visitors. Something else that was immensely encouraging is his movement today. He’s raised his arms, pulled both knees up so that his feet were flat on the bed, and has been visibly more comfortable than yesterday. Grace (Elijah’s sister) and I spent some time with him this evening, and sang to him (‘amazing grace‘, and ‘I have decided to follow Jesus‘). Soothing worship music is being played, just as many of you suggested, and oils will be defused in his room before long. Brenna (Elijah’s mom) asked me to share these verses with you:

“Oh LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and Thou hast healed me. …Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness.” | Psalm 30:2,4

So, to summarize: He will continue to be kept sedate, to give his brain and legs time to heal –with minimal pain! We’re in this for the long haul, but He has given us abundant hope in Him. We truly cannot thank you all enough for praying! Tomorrow, he’ll be getting an EEG; pray for a smooth test and good results! Continue praying against infection for Autumn.

|| Haley

16 thoughts on “5/12/15 (Elijah)

  1. Haley,
    Thank you so much for the updates on Elijah & Autumn’s condition. Helps to know how we can specifically pray.


  2. Thank you for the update. Thank you Jesus for we know that You are the ultimate healer Lord!! We praise You Lord!! Thank you for Your Love Lord Jesus!! Thank you!!


  3. Thank you so much for the update. We don’t personally know Elijah and Autumn – but feel very close to them because our kids compete in Stoa and we recognize Elijah and Autumn; we are all a family of sorts – kindred spirits, not only as the body of Christ, but also as fellow-speech/debaters. Please let Elijah and Autumn’s family know there are many of us throughout Stoa who are praying fervently for Elijah and Autumn. Your regular updates are so helpful – thank you for taking the time to keep us posted.

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  4. Praise our awesome God! He is so faithful to those who call upon His name. We are friends of the Bierly family since Cinnamon was a young girl. My heart cries for the two beautiful children and the families. So good to hear this news about Elijah. He is in the hands of The Great Physician. And God hears the outpouring of prayers for the 2 coming from all around the world. We will continue to lift you all up in prayer. Keep the Faith. God has a plan for Elijah and Autumn.


  5. We are so glad Elijah is doing better! Praise the Lord!
    Thank you, Haley, for keeping us informed over the miles.


  6. Prayers continually going up for complete healing!! When you mentioned worship music being played it brought to mind some of the most amazing worship music I’ve ever heard: Hidden in My Heart; Scripture Lullabies. They are done by the son of the retired pastor at our church in Colorado (we had to move out of state). The CD’s are awesome and the testimonies of parents playing them for their kids are so beautiful. You can buy the music or they have a YouTube channel as well. I’m not trying to sell them; they just sprang to mind and I thought I’d pass the info along. Thank you for the updates- it’s an honor to lift your families up in prayer!

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  7. It never ceases to amaze me how the body of Christ will pull together when one is in need. There are many people leaving comments who have never met Elijah and Autumn but are touched by the situation and desire to commune with the Heavenly Father on behalf of both kids. I continue to pray constantly and my heart has been touched by so many praying. Haley, I hope Brenna and Randy and Autumn’s parent look at these comments when difficult times come. They will be encouraged by the body of Christ surrounding them, their families and Elijah and Autumn with prayer. And thank you for the reminder that these kids are in the hands of God Almighty; the song was awesome.

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  8. We are praying and know that God is there and in control. Thank you for the updates – it is comforting to see how He is working.


  9. Our family continues to pray for Elijah and Autumn. We only know Grace, through Camp Grace. Know that we have started others in our town praying as well. I would love to see the heavenlies to see howing prayers are being offered up for you all. God is soooo mighty. We trust Him for His amazing healing.


  10. We have been sharing this website as far as we can get it. I know that it has gone to Kansas, Oklahoma and California. It is also in Northern Ireland! People are not only sharing this, but praying!! We are all believing and standing with you!! You are NOT alone. Even though you don’t know us, we are your family holding your arms up in this critical time of battle. Our God is a mighty God and His kids are uniting in faith for you. Be blessed and see that He is good!!

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