From Autumn:

Hi everyone! I thought I would write an update for myself on this day that marks 2 years since the accident.

First off I am doing fantastic! 🙂 I am currently finishing up 2 online collage classes (finals this week) and I have been coaching for my high school debate program this last year. As far as physical healing goes: I am slowly improving. My left eye is still giving me double vision, but I am seeing an incredible doctor that believes surgery should be the last option. And every week my eye shows a little more movement.

Because of my optimistic personality it’s easy to think I don’t have any struggles, but this is far from the truth. Thinking about all the set backs that I have from this accident, can sometimes really put me down. But you know what keeps me going? Knowing that God has a plan and purpose for my trials. We tend to pray for things to go as we think is best and get sad or angry at God when it doesn’t happen that way. But we can’t see the big picture. I may never know exactly why I was in the accident but I do know that the Lord has a greater, master plan in store. Because I can’t see the big picture I have faith in my God and he gives me the strength to press through the trials.

He is the reason I’m optimistic. His love keeps a smile on my face.


11 thoughts on “5/8/17

  1. Exactly! Autumn…keep on trusting Him. Our is a soverign God. I continue to pray for YOU….your parents, AND your family. most often when i pass by that Schwinn electric sign/ truck!

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  2. Sweet Autumn how lovely to read your post. I thank God for you and pray Blessings and joy to be with you.
    You are an example of strength and faith. It’s a privilege to know you. Please give my love to mum and dad, also the rest of your dear family.
    Love to you from England. Wendy xx

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  3. Hello Autumn, My name is Elaine. I am from Lincoln, Nebraska. I am Annie’s grandmother – also Rebecca’s mom. I have followed your blog for the last two years. I have prayed for you many times. I am writing because you have been a great testimony for Jesus and have been an inspiration to me and to many others. Your optimism is wonderful, but yes, I’m sure there have been many times when your trial has been overwhelming. Praise God for His plan that is better than ours. It’s hard to consider it “all joy” when trials come. May I enourage you to press on and run your race with endurance. To God be the glory for all that he has done in both yours and Elijah’s lives, and also in the lives of your families and many who know you and have followed your journey. Blessings always!

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  4. Autumn, thank you for the update! Your attitude and faith are an inspiration to many. Praying for God to continue to bless and heal you.
    Elijah’s aunt

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  5. Dearest Autumn,

    How wonderful it is to hear from you! I’m so happy to hear from you. God is doing amazing things in your life these days – coaching and managing a college schedule! It’s so wonderful! Keep your eyes on Jesus, and HE WILL CONTINUE to do great things through and for

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  6. I am so very grateful to here your update.
    AND I am elated with my G-d for your progress AND His sustaining you through soooooooooo much. Dear, dear child, Hallel u Jah and continue to rely on Him

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  7. Oh hearing your faith shine through is so encouraging. Thanks for the update. Glad you are able to take the college classes and continue your education. Hold on to that faith.

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  8. I really loved what you had to say about setbacks and struggles. Love how your optimistic personality keeps you going and I know it comes from the Author of life. Last fall, I injured my right calf and I was unable to run the rest of my cross country season. That was really hard to go through, but God helped me and through this tough experience, I grew closer to God. Currently I’m able to run again and have been able since late November. I’m starting to get back to my pre-injury best times in the 1600m(mile) 800m(half-mile), 3200(2 mile), and 400m(one lap around the track). So far this season, I’m 3 seconds off my PR(Personal Record) in the mile, I’ve improved my time in the 2 mile by over a minute, and I finally improved my 800m by 4 seconds and run my 400 about the same speed. It hasn’t been easy at all, I’ve kept the faith and so has Autumn. If you have ever recovered from an injury that’s set you back for a while, it’s not easy recovering from injury. Final thought, Jesus ultimately knows all pain: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and don’t stop seeking the Lord, Autumn

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  9. Autumn,
    It was so nice to get an update from you. Jon and i miss you and all the youth in Colorado. Please know that we continue to pray for you and your wonderful family and our God does have such a great master plan for you. Much love being sent your way from Missouri.

    Kelli Kuhn
    “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

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  10. You are exactly right about how to get through trials and tribulation. Rely on God. He knows all things and only wants us to grow and become better. It’s hard to realize that sometimes. But you’ve said it perfectly. Thank you Autumn!

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