7/2/16 (Scott & Autumn) 

From Cinnamon –
Hi All,

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! So sorry I haven’t posted anything in a very long time! Scott is doing well and slowly getting healthy. He ended up with a Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot) in his leg a couple of weeks ago as a side effect of some of the meds he’s on. He is now on anticoagulant therapy for that, so, as a result he’s growing a beard lol! His clinic visits have tapered off to just once a week, and his transplant team is very pleased with his progress and his labs from the new liver. From what we’ve been told, the toddler is doing well also. We haven’t met yet, but possibly sometime in the future as they want to meet Scott and thank him. I’ve been working anywhere from part time to full time right now because Scott hasn’t been working, hence, my difficulty to get an update posted here ;). Hunter has been a big help in taking over part of the business and working alongside our regular employee while Scott is out. We also had Scott’s dad here in May and my mom here in June to help out through his recovery. Autumn finished her first online college class this May and she earned an “A”, so she was very excited to see that she could do the work that was required. She’s not taking any classes this summer, but is registered for another two online classes this fall. We just went to the campus in Denver and set up her acccommodations that will help her with test taking, note-taking, etc. She will be starting a new vision therapy in the coming week. She still has very limited vision in the left eye…she can almost read the largest letter on the eye chart :/. Her double vision continues, so the main hope is that that can be corrected. Her processing, judgment, decision-making skills are still developing and some days are better than others. She works on critical thinking exercises daily to help regenerate those neural pathways that were damaged in the accident. It is definitely a slow journey back to healing. She just had a day the other day where she was discouraged about all the work that it will take to get back to her previous level of functioning. Those days don’t come often, but when they do they are so difficult! It’s also challenging to have two people in the family go through back to back “events”, so I’m definitely ready for a little breather in the months to come ;)! Thank you again for all that you have done for us! Because of the donations you gave to Autumn, I will be able to pay for other vision therapies that will not be covered by insurance. Her benefits were exhausted long ago, so it has been a huge blessing to still be able to pay for specialized care for her. Please know that your gifts are being used faithfully towards her recovery and that we cannot express how grateful we are to all you have done for us! We love you all!


4 thoughts on “7/2/16 (Scott & Autumn) 

  1. Thank-you for your up-date Cinnamon!
    We rejoice hearing that Scott’s body continues to respond well, to his new liver, but will pray conceding the blood clot! We rejoice conceding the little toddler, too!! We rejoice with Autumn, and are so proud of her “A”!!
    I will continue to pray for healing and full recuperation, for Autumn, Scott and your little friend!
    Bless Autumn’s heart! How courageous she is, to only become discouraged “sometimes”!!
    Praying for rest in our Lord, in the midst of your grueling journey, and for His strength and encouragement, and for endurance!!!
    Sincerely, in Christ’s love,

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  2. Thank you for the update. Although we don’t actually know one another, your family has become dear to us as we have prayed for you these many months. Your strength and faith in our Lord have been such a blessing and challenge to us. We will continue to pray and rejoice with you. Blessings to each of you. God is so good!

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