5/9/16 (Scott) 

From Cinnamon –

I’m sorry I haven’t posted an update on Scott…I realized last night that something was up with the hospital wi-fi. Anyway, Scott has been struggling with pain and nausea these past few days. He’s tried a few different pain and nausea meds with varying success. Trying to get him up more to walk as the surgeon said this morning that the x-ray shows an ileus. His lung sounds are diminished and he had a bit of an elevated temp last night, so he needs to get his bowels moving, use his incentive spirometer, and get up and walk more. The last few nights have been rough, so not too much sleep for either of us. Looks like his drain may come out tomorrow, so that’s good. Just have to get him on oral pain meds, no nausea, able to tolerate food, bowels moving, and walking more! I’ve got kids who are throwing up and coughing, so I’m trying to get them healthy and disinfect the house before Scott gets home. Also just found out that my grandma is being placed on hospice today, so I’m hoping that the timing of everything will work out. A lot going on and very tired today for sure! I had wanted to post some thoughts on the year anniversary of Autumn and Elijah’s accident, but I haven’t been able to do that yet. So thankful for all the Lord has done this year and continues to do! I’m so thankful for each one of you and the prayers and support you continually offer in our behalf! I cannot adequately express my gratitude…thank you!


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