5/6/16 (Scott)

From Cinnamon –

Transplant team just came in and we talked to all of them. The surgeons said that Scott would be on track to break a record for the shortest hospital stay, but they have to leave a few lines and drains in until Monday at least to make sure his stomach does’t expand and stretch where they attached the bile ducts. His liver is working well. It’s making bile and clotting factors. His labs look great. I can hear his artery working with the Doppler that’s in place right now. I would wake up a few times at night to make sure it was still working and hadn’t clotted off 😉 . The baby liver is working well across the street at the other hospital, also.

Scott’s having some pain and nausea, but he’s awake and talking with me. He took his first dose of anti-rejection meds last night. The surgeon said his only job today is to get up and walk 🙂 .


8 thoughts on “5/6/16 (Scott)

  1. Praise God!! I prayed last night then again when I got up in the middle of the night 🙂 Then first thing again this morning. Also praying for the family who lost a loved one so that two others (Scott and the toddler) could live. May they know that God IS with them as well as with the toddler’s family and our family!! Amen!!!

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  2. Awesome! Christ the Healer fast at work! Our human brains simply can’t fully comprehend the healing power of the a Holy Spirit. We see a miracle at the human level and God hands us His version of a miracle at His level, far beyond our ability to fully comprehend. We will continue to send our prayers, our blessings and much love to all. You Go Scott!

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