Denver Area, May 1st: Celebration Dessert 

Hello friends in Colorado. Please join us as we celebrate the gift of life at the one year anniversary of the accident. We will remember the miracles God has done and Autumn will share some God lessons she has learned along the way. Elijah and the Lowry family will also be there to celebrate with us!  
Scott and Chris will give an update on the transplant surgery that is fast approaching and we will pray for them as well. It will be a great time to share prayers and praise together. We have much to celebrate!

  • When: May 1st, 2016 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Where: The Ridge Church, 11850 Upham Street, Broomfield CO, 80020

2 thoughts on “Denver Area, May 1st: Celebration Dessert 

  1. Unfortunqtly i will be unable to attend. But please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been following your healing progress, and will continue to pray for guidence for you and your families.
    Thoughts &prayers

    Derick Glover lusk, wy

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  2. Continuing to pray for Autumn & Elijah and families as well for Scott’s surgery and Christopher and his family! Praying that you will have an uplifting time of praise to God though through circumstances you would never have chosen, But God has touched so many lives with your lives and strengthened the faith in many as we have seen your perseverance and your faith and hope in our Awesome God!! And the story continues to unfold as God does His work through you! Keep on for Jesus! Thank you for letting me be apart of the story! One day we will meet in glory and what a gorious time that will be!!!! May you feel the prayers of God’s children today!

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