4/16/16 (Autumn & Scott)

From Autumn. . .

“As many of you read last week, my dad is facing a liver transplant next month.  I wanted to create a video to show others the feelings me and my siblings have for my dad and his transplant process.  I hope you like the video.  For more information please check out our GoFundMe page.”

To view Autumn’s video, please click here.


2 thoughts on “4/16/16 (Autumn & Scott)

  1. Thank you for sharing, Autumn! What a testimony to your Dad. We are praying for his full recovery upon receipt of his new liver. May God comfort each of you as you walk through this time with your Dad…your Mom, as well!
    Love from the Branson family in Green River.

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  2. Autumn, you did an excellent job on your video!! It was so precious to hear each of you and your siblings share all these great things about your Dad! It was also wonderful to see and hear you and to see how far you have come!!! Praying about your vision and have been praying as well about Your Dad’s surgery and possibly Christopher’s as well! God has things in place! God bless you and your family! Love & Prayers Carolyn ( your Mom & my daughter.. Cyndi Carson took nursing at Cedarville University!)

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