4/10/16 (Autumn)

An update from Scott, Autumn’s dad, to fill us in on what progress and difficulties the past months have held for their family. Thank you in advance for continuing to pray with us, and watch the faithfulness of God unfold:

“I know we have been long overdue for an update on Autumn so I finally got a chance to sit down to describe the latest in her recovery.  We have gone through the shock and intensive care stage.  We also moved through the long inpatient and outpatient phase of recovery and now we are entering what I call the slow and steady stage of recovery.  Its harder to see improvement because it has now slowed down considerably.  With that being said, she has been doing well at home in this new stage.  I would say that she functions quite well but there are “silent” hurdles that you can’t really see because they are all brain response functions and the deficiencies don’t show themselves until they come up in everyday life.  There are still moments of surprise when her quick wit comes out but there are also quiet times of heartache for the problems that arise.  Things you know she should be able to recall or handle from a logical standpoint just are not always there yet.  In some respects she is the Autumn we always knew but there are many times we are still adjusting to the new normal.

I remember way back at week two or three we said that Autumn and Elijah were completely in God’s hands and He was going to recover them at his pace and to His completion.  Its a scary thought to give away some pieces of your child that may never come back.  When you open yourself to truly accepting God’s plan there are many normal desires that get stripped away.  You lay open and empty before Him.  Its a very vulnerable position but the most powerful place a person can be before God!  If there is one prominent issue that clouds our view of God and His work – it’s our agenda.  When he brings you to a point of brokenness thats where He does His best work.

We have seen God take our precious girl on a journey no one wants to be a part of.  As we continue to learn and heal its so very good to declare His goodness and healing in our lives.  I still kiss her every night and I can’t help but think that she really shouldn’t be here… but praise God he has rescued her and Elijah from the pit of despair!

Autumn also still struggles with her eyesight.  The doctors said if her optic nerve was going to heal it would have shown improvement already.  We are doing some therapy which seems to be opening her field of vision some.  She has major double vision issues and if we can get her bad eye to track better she can improve her vision some.  We are considering surgery which would allow that frozen eye to move more and minimize her double vision issues.  She has a great attitude for all of her therapies but this eye issue has worn on her quite a bit.  Would you please continue to pray with us that there would be a positive resolution to this ongoing issue?

Autumn has been involved in other activities that have helped her grow.  She was responsible for team policy judge orientation at the recent Rocky Mountain Classic speech and debate tourney in Denver.  As many of you know she was quite involved as a student and now she is taking on some teaching roles which she has thoroughly enjoyed.  She enjoyed seeing Elijah that day and it was great to stimulate her mind with such good memories.  It was also special that at the awards ceremony to conclude the event, she was brought up on the stage to a roaring standing ovation from her peers.

Autumn is also pushing herself by taking one online college level class this spring.  The class is journalism which she loves and she is doing quite well.  It takes a long time to study and take notes, but she reviews her material just about every day and she is currently holding a “A” in the class.  Its pretty cool to see her succeed at schoolwork after all that she has been through.

I also want to thank all of you for praying and supporting us through this tough journey.    I remember that there were people praying for the parents that they would stay united and close throughout the tough recovery process.  I want to thank you for this as well.  The amount of stress and emotional turmoil has been quite hard on me and Cinnamon.  We have faced an unbelievable amount of attacks from the enemy but I am pleased to say that God is working to keep drawing us together.  This is real life and God is the author of our faith.  He is enough to carry us through any trial.

I need to say that Cinnamon is the toughest person I have ever met!  The way she stepped up and cared for her girl as I struggled to keep up with work and deal with other health issues… she has been a gift from God.  The outpouring of love and caregiving support she gave to Autumn would be natural for any mother… but let me tell you this is no ordinary mother!  The main caregiving role in a situation as intense as this would tear apart the average person.  But she has been so strong and I have been truly amazed to see her sacrifice in so many ways and I am so proud of her.

As we come up on the year anniversary of the accident (May 8),  we are so very thankful for God’s goodness to Autumn and our whole family.  We are eternally grateful for the support and prayers we received from people all over the world.  In a way you have shared this journey with us and it is our hope that God has been honored and lives have been changed because of what God has done.  I’m still not sure why he chose us, but clearly His plan has pushed us to where we would never go ourselves!  And in our pretty comfortable, first world amenities sometimes you need perspective!

I wanted to make you aware of another journey our family has been on so you can continue to pray.  My health has been declining and I am facing a liver transplant on May 17 if not earlier.  I have a bile duct disease that shuts down my ducts and over the years has caused a lot of pain and strain on my liver.  I’ve had numerous septic infections and have been struggling with this for many years.  I have a live donor approved to give me part of his liver and then both halves will regrow in roughly two months.  It’s pretty incredible how God created the liver to regenerate and through this process I can get healthy again.  Would you please pray for me and my family as we face this new challenge?

Autumn also created a powerful video which interviews my children and their reaction to my health situation.  Its not quite done but stay tuned and we will post it next weekend.

Summary by Autumn…

“This may be a long update, but truly we are at a loss for words on how to fully declare what the Lord has done in our lives. He deserves every amount of praise we can give and He makes us excited and hopeful for what He holds next in our future.”

— Scott & Autumn


10 thoughts on “4/10/16 (Autumn)

  1. I think of your family often. I feel so sorry for all of you. your whole family seems so amazing and powerful to stay together and strong. It’s amazing to hear about this miracle along with others. Just proves what the power of prayers and loving families can all accomplish together. I wish you the best of luck on your surgery. I will be praying for you and your donar. Hopefully your guardian angels are still with you all. good luck thanks for the update. prayers and thoughts will be with you and your family.

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  2. May God continue to carry each of you to a healthy place. Your family is amazing and your testimony is remarkable. God is being glorified in all of this. I am sorry for all the pain and challenges you are facing. I will continue to pray for Each of you. Love to All of you!!!
    Kay Peterson

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  3. You are all amazing and your God is amazing! Praying for what you have asked and we are so privileged to know you. We love you all and we are continually amazed by your vulnerablility, honesty, praise to God, and your (Cinnamon, Scott and Autumn) gifted writing abilities!
    Love The Scheuerman Fam ❤️

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  4. Hi Scott –
    I can only imagine what you all have been going through with your health issues at the same time as Autumn’s recovery. My brother in law just went through a live-donor liver transplant in November. Sounds like you might have the same condition (PSC?). If you are interested in contacting them, I know they would be very open to talking to you. He went to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore to get it done. My nephew, who donated his liver, is doing great, as well as my brother in law. I will be praying for you!

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    • Hello Molly
      Would your brother in law be named Mark Maeda? We have close friends from our church that know Mark so I called him a few weeks ago and heard his story. I will keep it at that for now until I know if we’re talking about the same person. Thanks for your prayers and support.

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  5. Dear friends,

    I am a FACE member, and have been following your stories from the moment I learned of them…. I have appreciated the updates and the testimonies, as I’ve invested much prayer for your families. Please know how much you are loved & prayed for!!!

    It has truly inspired all of us who’ve been along for your journey to know that amidst the journey, your faith in God and the unity of your family has been so strong. HE’S with you and guiding you through, that is certain.

    Scott- What a faithful husband and father you are! I am praying for a smooth transplant surgery, overall liver health and regeneration…..God is in control!

    Cinnamon – You have far surpassed Super Mom status….may the LORD continue to shower you with grace, strength, and wisdom!

    Autumn – I’m so thankful to hear the great strides in your recovery that you have achieved! The best is yet to come! It’s the grace of GOD and HIS loving hand that carry you daily! Keep your head up and may GOD bring 100% restoration and full function to your vision!

    Believing with you all!

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  6. Scot, Dean and I will pray for you all. Dean has said he would donate whatever, but I doubt that he would be a good candidate for anyone. I am so glad to hear you have your live candidate and we will pray for that person also. We both went through accidents last June for Dean and then me in July and I ended up in the ER in Lafayette and after 4 MRIs, they can only find maybe a whiplash, so we had to hire an attorney just to pay the hospital bills. Nothing seems to help traction, chiropractor or acupuncture, massage and stretching my neck….. They now think I have nerve damage as when I sleep my shoulders and arm, hands all go to sleep and I feel like I am paralyzed, so I don’t sleep well.. Dean ended up with a owl hitting his mirror and then him hitting a Deer and damaging his front end and strange enough when I got hit or rather when I hit a man after he ran a stop sign, both vehicles had the same damage and both went to the shop for repair, so we went out and bought a motor home and started off on a trip to Bueno Vista and ended blowing a engine after 100 miles and having to be towed back to Denver after 7 hours wait for a tow truck and $1200.00. We spent another $10,000 on a new engine and the motor home and us really never got to go anywhere last year and so it is in storage and we are waiting for the weather to get nice again, so we can go again. Please keep the faith for YOU and Autumn,& Cinnamon too! I know GOD is watching us all Luann and Dean

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  7. I hadn’t checked in for a while, and was shocked to see that the date you posted was the day I tuned in! How the LORD moves among His people…I am always in awe of Him.

    He will continue to be your strength and your Healer through all these things. You are a strong family who is a testimony of God’s power, redemption, and working in the lives of people today. Your perseverance and endurance are such an encouragement. The Lord works miracles today, and you all are living proof. He is your breath, life, and reason for living and it keeps me focused on what matters most.

    May the Lord continue to give you strength. Love and blessings!

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