9/20/15 (Elijah)

 “But though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies.” Lam 3:32


We thank God for His mercies and we praise God that Elijah is doing well and progressing. Very soon we will head for home. We can hardly wait and look forward to it with much anticipation. The intensive, acute and rehabilitation phases are complete and now we are on to the recovery phase!


Here are our praises:

• Elijah has had wonderful therapists and nurses at Craig.

• We got to take him to his Grandpa’s 80th birthday party August 29th – he was so excited. When he was practicing transferring into the car with his PT, he asked if we could just keep driving on home.

• He and Autumn often meet when she comes for outpatient therapy. It is good for both of them and they enjoy their time together. It is encouraging to see all of the changes in Autumn since she left Craig. She has improved greatly.

• He has been able to stand up to transfer into bed or his wheelchair for about 3 weeks.

• He now has a double bed since Sept 11 – no more hospital bed!!!

• We can see the beginnings of his more natural voice coming back

• He is at a new level of communication- initiation and increased ability to attend. i.e. he enjoyed the presidential debate last week and voices his opinion on the candidates in increasing critical thinking.

• He is still having no pain in his feet (praise God) and they do not have to wedge his shoes (put an orthotic type of thing under his foot). This means that his feet are more able to get to neutral.

• He (with quite a bit of help) walked a flight of stairs Sept 3- he was proud of that accomplishment.

• Elijah is becoming strong enough to stand on his own and walk with a walker with help.

• Elijah has an amazing and inspiring attitude. He has many admirers here and has told all who have asked that he is content. This reminds me of his summary of Job when he was 13.

Prayer requests:

• Elijah still needs quite a bit of range of motion and strength in his arms. Especially the left arm. His pinkies are numb as well. They will trial a new medicine to help him overcome the rigidity he is experiencing.

• Our home-going. We are very excited to go home but realize it will be a shift in everything for everybody. Prayers that it would go smoothly would be appreciated.

• Elijah’s goal is to walk through the door of our house. He can surely do a few steps with assistance but we pray he will walk sooner than later.

• Autumn’s sight and double vision.

As this is likely the last post for awhile (although we will post a video of the past 4.5 months soon)– the posts are getting farther between- We would like to once again express our gratitude to all of the people who have helped us in countless ways these 4.5 months. I have tried to start writing thank you notes, but am quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number. Truly, we could not have made it without God’s grace and all of your help and support. The true blue Cheyenne friend(s) who have helped raise our kids and love and teach them week in and week out, faithful friends who have been here every week- coming to therapy, rushing to Denver to help when we needed it, visiting us, bringing countless meals to the kids and Randy in Cheyenne, Denver friends helping us adjust to Craig (having us for dinner or bringing us dinner), monetary gifts (gift cards, donations) strangers who became friends since this accident- helping build ramps and bring meals, friends who have provided services for Elijah’s recovery, the friends of park day who have kept Elijah’s memory alive, the countless cards, emails, texts, and posts of support, families who helped at our house – planting flowers, pulling weeds, cleaning, taking care of animals- everything! The people across the state who have held fund raisers on behalf of Autumn and Elijah. We are beyond words for all of the outpouring of support and could not have made it this far without all of the help. It is a curious and humbling thing to be so needy…. As we limp to the home stretch we say


​​​​“thank you, thank you, thank you!


​​​​​​Brenna ~for all  



12 thoughts on “9/20/15 (Elijah)

  1. Thank you for the update on everyone! It warms my heart to hear of all the amazing progess these 2 have experienced! I will continue to send love and prayers your way for continued progress, for strength for all of you during this ever- changing situation. I’m so happy that you have such an amazing support group, I can only imagine what a blessing that must be for you! Please take care and just know that, even though I may not know you personally, you are in my heart every day! God Bless you and your family, and Autumn’s family as well!

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