6/29/15 (Elijah) 

The latest from Brenna, Elijah’s mom: 

“Restore:  “(transitive verb) To give something back, to return something to previous condition….”


God is restoring Elijah right before our eyes.  We are grateful.  Awed.  


While we are thankful for every bit of restoration that God is orchestrating in Elijah. I also pray that he is and we are: forever changed for the better.  That we will remember the inch stones He has granted and always seek to abide in Him and view our actions in light of eternity during our vapor of a life here on earth.  Let us have his perspective as we view those around us- those who need hope in a lost and dying world.   A friend sent me this quote:


“ The Christian’s most defining moments in life are when he has to helplessly depend on God to make it through the storm.  The Holy Spirit grabs the attention of others through the suffering of God’s child” — Robert Brock


I believe that our American view of Christianity lays suffering aside… instead we embrace fun and ease and peace.  None of us want to suffer.  And truly few of us suffer as those believers in other countries. But we bring glory to God when we, as Andrew Murray puts it “suffer well”. And when we remember those who suffer as though it were we ourselves that were suffering.  Many of you have shown us how to do that. In loving our neighbor as ourselves we will rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep, pray for one another, remember those that are in bonds.


We are thankful for the many ways in which you all have reached out to touch our lives during this time.  While I hesitate to call our situation suffering; there are many more people in this world who suffer much more than this, we are humbled by the outreach.  Elijah’s faithful friends who have continued to visit him, even when he cannot interact.  These friends read to him, talk to him for hours, show him photo albums, joke with him, pray for him, watch you tube shorts.  We are amazed at the friends who day after day honor him with an out of town visit.  Thank you! This week Elijah received a very special “healing” quilt.  This quilt was made with much care, time and love.  The best part is that he was able to be awake and aware to receive it; he was touched. It is good for him to know that he is thought of and missed. The quilt had signatures of many who wish him well in his recovery and some verses.  Most predominately was I Peter 5:10 which was a verse someone sent to me for encouragement.  It reads but the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.


We are working on individual thank you notes but please know that we acknowledge and are grateful for the monetary sacrifices that you all have made toward Elijah and our family-we are saving it for extra therapy if needed past the 60 days.  Thank you also to all of the special people from STOA Colorado – families representing all the speech and debate teams who have taken time to remember and bless Elijah- it is amazing!  We are humbled. I am especially grateful to my friends who are raising my kids while I am gone.  Taking the burden off of Randy while he works, you all have been remarkable!  We also have been blessed by people reaching out – strangers – who have taken the time to record music, write their story, visit the ICU and give us stories of hope and tokens of the same, replies on the blog from those of you who have been touched by Elijah and Autumn’s story (God’s story) and have taken time to either help them at the scene or pray for them these 50 plus days. 


Here is a praise report of God’s restoration this week:


Laughs:  Elijah’s laughter has continued in varying degrees throughout the week.  Some days he is just too tired.  But the things that cause him to laugh are always seemingly appropriate pre-accident Elijah style humor.  On Friday Grace had Elijah laughing for a good 45 minutes.  His face was even more expression filled than when he started laughing last Sunday.


Language:  Elijah has said a few words this week and is attempting to become more verbal nearly every day.  Again, all of the words indicate understanding of all that is going on.  When I was removing a bandage, he winced and I said “Elijah, your not going to let a band-aid take you down, are you?  You just think I am torturing you.”  He replied, “You are.”  The day that they stood him up they asked if he was okay and he said “I think so”.  He also told some friends about standing up yesterday “It was hard.”


Physical:   Elijah is nearly tubeless (as I tell him).  He had his trach removed last Tuesday (praise be to God) and the Respiratory therapists believe that the stoma is healing remarkably fastThey removed his Pic line and he has no telemetry (continuous vital signs monitoring).  He had his pins out on Thursday and has been to the gym three times this week for therapy.  The pin pulling was an experience.  We rode to Fort Collins in an ambulance and he had a regular appointment in an ortho office.  They wheeled him in on the stretcher and the doctor whipped out some pliers and pulled the pins (which looked like skewers) out of his feet.  Two in each foot.  Elijah never made a sound.  With the pins out, Elijah can now bear weight on his feet!  This will aid in his recovery greatly.  Friday and Sunday he stood on his feet for 15 and 30 minutes respectively. The first day they put him on a tilt table.  They slid him from his bed to the table and then belted him at the chest and knees.  Slowly they tilted the table to a vertical position.  Gradually increasing the pressure on his feet until he was bearing his whole weight (which, by the way, is a mere 138#).  Of course it had been 50 days since he has stood on his own two feet so the orthopedic doc said these would be tough therapeutic sessions (they thought that he would only be able to stand on his tip toes since his feet were tending to be in plantar flexion).  Not so!!! Praise God.  He surprised everyone by standing flat -footed the very first time.  He still holds his arms across his chest with very limited movement in the arms or the fingers.  Randy has had him try to feed himself this weekend.  


Food glorious food:  Elijah is eating ice chips since Monday, then graduated to thin liquids and now pureed food/protein drinks, Noosa yogurt and custard.  We bring our own drinks since Ensure is about the grossest thing ever invented. (my apologies to the chemists who devised the concoctionJ  )  Seriously, who would want to drink water, corn maltodextrin, sugar, and canola oil?  We also have a dear friend who makes Elijah’s favorites: peach tea with agave and pumpkin custard – awesome.  As soon as he eats a sufficient amount of calories to maintain/gain weight then they will discontinue tube feedings and remove the PEG tube!!  


Craig:  Elijah will transfer to Craig on Tuesday the 7th of July.  We will also have one-month of free housing (either a hotel, unit in a retirement center, or an apartment).  They encouraged us to be present for as many of Elijah’s therapy sessions as possible during his inpatient stay to aid carry-over when he returns home.  As a former therapist, I get that.  The practical day to day of this is a bit unclear so we could use prayer on how this will look.


We have grown accustomed to our little LTAC.  We have some great CNAs, nurses and therapists who have taken such great care of Elijah.  We know that we will  remainfriends with some even after we are gone.  We are very grateful for their hard work and compassion- making such a difference in a difficult situation. It also reminded me why I chose my profession in the first place.  I still have that pull toward rehab and am glad I can be Elijah’s primary speech/language therapist. Even Spencer, as he watched the burly OT guy called “awesomeness”, remarked, “maybe I will do that for a job when I am grown up”.  Homeschool career class!”


15 thoughts on “6/29/15 (Elijah) 

  1. This is so amazing… I am so moved.. this has impacted me deeply. Something I needed today.. Elijah has always impacted me, and he still is, even throughout his struggles he is still impacting me and making a difference in my life.. I know that it must be the same for others. Thank you Lord for these dear friends..

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  2. Hi Brenna,
    Such good news of Elijah’s progress. The Proverbs 31 Ministry mentioned Joshua today, specifically how God didn’t promise him that everything would be easy. However God DID PROMISE he would be with Joshua EVERY step of his journey. I immediately thought about your challenging trek, and how our Heavenly Father has never left your side. May you continue to be strengthened by his mercy & love, and the prayers of those who love you, Elijah, Autumn & families. Hugs!

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  3. Blessings children of God. You have inspired me, humbled me, touched my sole in your journey with God. Your story is for everyone, we who read it are privileged. You show us what true faith looks like and we are all better people as we follow Elijah and Autumn’s recovery. May the mighty hand of God continue to touch you all. Healing the two beautiful children. Supporting their families as only He can.
    Wendy Southampton England.
    Dear friend of Cinnamon and Scott.

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  4. Great, and Holy G-d,
    We, your creations, in your image, know your plan is to care and prosper us. How we humans define prosper is limited by our sinful hearts and minds but YOU, Holy one of Israel. Your definition is perfect. We thank you. The plans for this family, these children are perfect plans and we are so grateful for allowing us to see a glimpse on this side of glory.
    Oh that our lives will be a sweet thank you for our King, pleasing Him, worshiping Him.

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing updates on Elijah’s progress. Your gracious words of thanksgiving and faith are so refreshing and encouraging to read. Our hearts rejoice to hear that Elijah is laughing, speaking, and bearing weight on his legs and feet. Praise The Lord! And how good to hear of his friends visiting him. …so beautiful! … I am slightly acquainted with Elijah through speech and debate. My children have competed for many years. Will you please tell Elijah how greatly I was moved by his film? What a wonderfully skilled and gifted actor he is! I continue to remember a key message from the movie on a regular basis, especially when I’m feeling spiritually tossed around. Please tell Elijah thank you for me! Love and prayers, Heidi Griffith

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  6. Praise be! What a wonderful post and I cannot wait to see him again sometime in the future! Thank you for writing so clearly, so beautifully, and so epically, your journey for Elijah.


  7. I’m so glad to see these updates! As an OT myself, I love hearing the “therapy things” and the wonderful progress that both Elijah and Autumn are making. Being at Craig will make things progress even faster from my experience!

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    • Thanks, Alyson! It’s been pretty exciting. They’re both living testimonies that our God answers prayer. Yesterday afternoon when I and my family got to spend some time with Elijah and Brenna, Elijah tried *so hard*, and hummed three notes of Beethoven the 5th. He’s so funny. 🙂 made my day, amidst the rest of his laughter and working on getting some words out!
      || Haley


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