6/28/15 (Autumn)

A new update from Scott, Autumn’s dad. Today is the 52nd day since the accident, and these two are at points in recovery that many thought may never come. But God is mighty to save, and His plan for their lives is far from over. It’s miraculous, and good, and full of hope for the future –because our hope is Christ. Enjoy –and keep praying!

|| Haley

“Autumn had a great week at Craig. She was baking muffins this week, writing more, and has started to play brain activity games (that Craig recommended) on her tablet that was gifted to her by a dear friend. She also walked a mile one day with physical therapy so she is building up endurance. She has been cleared to leave the hospital for short outings so she got to enjoy a nice meal with friends on Friday night.  Sunday she came home for lunch before heading out for a special pedicure with Cinnamon, Aunt Almeda and the girls.  She really enjoys getting a break from the hospital… and the food!  As you can see she is super active and they are pushing her cognitive skills more and more every week.

Autumn is still working through a “giddy” stage that her brain is fighting because of her frontal lobe injury. She is still nice and sweet but sometimes she is more direct than normal and she tends to act a few years younger than she really is.

She has been starting to ask about Elijah on a more regular basis as her emotions start to come back and put together the results of the accident.  She is excited to hear the recent progress in his recovery.  She got to speak with him (even though she knew he couldn’t respond) over the phone on Friday night to encourage him. She said, “be strong, I know you can do this.  We serve an amazing God and He has done so much for us already…. He has a plan in everything.”  It was sweet, and she is looking forward to the day when he can join her at Craig so she can see him again.  We also just found out that Autumn’s Neuro Physician, Dr. Makley will be taking Elijah as his patient when he arrives.  This is pretty neat in that He is the one who counseled with Elijah’s Dr.’s in Cheyenne a few weeks back and has been following his case from a distance.

Please continue to pray for Autumn’s eyesight.  It is still very blurry in one eye and she sees double when she opens it up.  It is causing imbalance in her walking and it is making reading difficult. She is working hard to open her nerve damaged eye but it looks like it will take quite some time to know how much function will return.

It’s interesting that Autumn has commented to me a number of times that she doesn’t understand why so many people are amazed at her skills and progress.  She says, “of course I can speak and remember who people are, why is that so amazing?”  You see all she remembers is the last couple of weeks so she has no reference on just how bad her condition was.  I have reminded her gently just how far she has come and how she was fighting for her life those first few days.  How for some time, she couldn’t speak very well and didn’t recognize people and could hardly walk.  She is beginning to understand just what God has done to rescue her and Elijah.  Thanks be to God who has done the miraculous to save their lives!

Guard my life and rescue me; do not let me be put to shame, for I take refuge in you.  May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you.” Psalm 25:20-21

Thank You for your continued prayers and support.”



6 thoughts on “6/28/15 (Autumn)

  1. Scott,

    Thank you for the amazing update! I remember caring for Autumn at the accident praying and wondering what would happen to that beautiful child. Tears of joy and hope fill my eyes as I praise Jesus for all the miracles he has provided for her and your family.

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  2. Scott & Family,
    Thank you for the news of progress. We serve a mighty God! Autumn is in our prayers every day, & we remember you & your family, as well. Much love from TeenPacters in Green River.

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