6/22/15 (Autumn)

The latest update from Scott, Autumn’s dad:

“Autumn is making great progress every week at Craig hospital.  Her therapists are really pushing her and she has been exhausted everyday from the physical and mental challenges they continue to give her.  We now see why this specialty hospital gets world renowned results… they push hard!  Their mission statement which is seen posted everywhere states: REDEFINING POSSIBLE.  It reminds me of how we approach our daily lives.  All too often we just settle for average results.  Whether its setting family goals, refining our kids character or pushing into God to please Him with our decisions…. just average, nothing special.  We just settle for “good enough”.  Thats so sad!  I look at this daughter of mine and I see her strive and push so very hard to accomplish simple tasks we just take for granted.  For her, setting the bar high is to slowly climb back to a fully functional Autumn.  She has to take so many big steps through the rest of this year it makes my simple growth curve look pretty flat!  God is teaching us so much about the amazing strength He gives in times like this.

We had a great Fathers day together.  We went to a large park in Denver with Autumn and had a nice meal and rode special bikes around the lakes that can handle 4-6 people.  Autumn enjoyed riding while everyone else pedaled for her.  Back at the hospital Autumn gave me a frame that she made in Therapeutic Recreation with a picture of our family.  In fact its the latest picture we posted of our new buzz hair cuts.  It’s perfect.  I looked at it and teared up because it represented the love I have for all of my children.  God has graciously kept our family intact when in the first few days after the accident, I wasn’t so sure that was going to happen.  Why does God chose to spare lives and not others?  Why did I survive my fight with cancer and my mother did not?  What kind of plan comes out of such deep heartache?  Why do I need to be facing a liver transplant?  Why has He chosen this road for us?  So many questions, but this much I know.  My healthy “fear” of God’s immeasurable power is more refined than ever before.  He shows the oceans where to stop, I do not. He moves the mountains, I do not.  He stills the storms, I do not.   I am humbled that he would use us as part of a bigger plan.  Although my family still falls very short, WE WILL NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US TO GROW AND HELP OTHERS MOVE TO A PLACE OF DEEPER FAITH.  WE WILL LIVE LIVES OF PURPOSE.  WHAT AN HONOR TO SERVE OUR GOD!

I know that the Lord is great, that our Lord is greater than all gods. The Lord does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths. He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth; he sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses. (‭Psalm‬ ‭135‬:‭5-7‬ NIV)

On a lighter note, Autumn and I have been having some great evenings together.  She is still picking at her skin and breaking open scabs daily as a neuro response.  I kept redirecting her hands so often I finally told her to “find something to pick on my arms”. BIG MISTAKE.  Wow, she went right to work feeling with her fingers looking for any bump or imperfection she could find.  Well it didn’t take long and she found a slight bump (not a zit I might add) and she went to work.  After about a minute I was squealing like a little girl because the pain was so severe!  Her nails were pinching like a vice grip with no mercy!  I said, “stop, please stop” and she proceeded to say, “but there is still blood coming out”!  “Yes, my point exactly” I said.  Well she wasn’t letting go until the bleeding stopped and the way she was digging, I knew the blood was just beginning to flow.  Well, after about 10 minutes we were laughing so hard she had a problem staying sitting in her wheelchair.  I had to catch her as she was laughing uncontrollably.  Laughter is such good medicine!  Life is too short to be bitter and grumpy!

I am really close to all my kids, but on this Fathers day I couldn’t be happier to still have my special girl by my side!

Thanks to our God the maker of heaven and earth.

P.S. I just read this to Autumn and after laughing, she insists I make a note that she got some white stuff out before the blood:). Ha, its funny that she doesn’t comment on how much blood she got out!”


8 thoughts on “6/22/15 (Autumn)

  1. Scott I so enjoyed reading this post, my love to you all.
    I pray for Autumn daily and know that our Father in heaven has everything under control.
    How lovely to know that.
    Blessings from UK love Wendy.

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  2. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing such personal things because they uplift and help me so much. May God continue to bless your family through your trials and adversities. We all have them, but compared to yours, mine are miniscule. I appreciate your strength and courage and the love you share in your family. Family is everything. I think God meant it to be that way. After all, He loves us beyond our comprehension and we are his children!

    Kathi Gadbury

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  3. Hi Scott,

    My family and I have been following Autumn’s progress, as my husband and I know Cinnamon. Our daughter walked into our room popping bubble wrap. Maybe this would be something for Autumn to fidget with as God continues to heal her. At the very least, it might save you some blood loss.

    We will continue praying for Autumn and your family for healing, strength, finances, and God’s abiding peace.

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  4. Oh, how I love reading your updates 🙂 watching God work in your lives is such an inspiration! Thank you for the shared laughter. I will continue praying Love and hugs

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  5. Scott, thank for sharing with us, how you are all doing and how our Awesome God is continuing to show His power in Autumn’s life and your lives! It certainly gives great encouragement! I have been memorizing Psalm 139 and it has. Blessed my heart so much He ordained all the days of our life before one of them came to be! Praying for Autumn & Elijah and families! My daughter was a friend of Cinnamon’s at Cedarville, Cyndi.

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