6/21/15 (prayer points for Autumn)

Happy Father’s day, everyone!

In the gaps between longer updates from the families, you can (probably) start expecting these shorter posts outlining specific ways we can be coming before the throne of grace for Autumn, Elijah, and their families. I have seen through this situation in completely radical ways how, when we pray specifically, our Father answers specifically. In and through Him, we are ‘more than conquerers’!

God is bigger.

“There is nothing too great for God’s power, and nothing too small for His love.” // corrie ten boom

|| Haley

Points for prayer for Autumn, highlighted by her mother, Cinnamon:

  • Autumn’s vision. Her optic nerve is likely damaged, as well as cranial nerves 3 and 6. All of these are specifically hindering her vision.
  • Her emotional/social processing. Her short-term memory is getting better, but she really lacks the depth that emotional processing gives a person. For instance, there is little initiation in conversation.
  • As usual, for the grace of Jesus Christ to be tangibly felt by Autumn’s family. . .the grace that makes enduring the impossible, possible.

“You see, in the desert, God joins his people. And, as God joins His people, He always provides just enough, right at the moment they need it. It doesn’t make [the journey easy, or the pain stop], but it makes it possible.” || ray vander laan


One thought on “6/21/15 (prayer points for Autumn)

  1. Prayers for your family as Autumn recovers and the optic nerve heals. Believing for your entire family to be strengthened through this experience and soon to be reunited at home together again.

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