6/8/15 (Elijah’s progress!) 

Words cannot describe the joy of posting this for you all to read. I can’t seem to smile big enough. The thought that struck me yesterday is that, for those who are hid with Christ in God, sorrow (no matter how long-lasting and soul-crushing) is the temporal, while joy is truly the eternal. What a good Father we have! 

A good friend of the families, Suzanne, was telling us about her reaction to his progress. She said, “it’s a dream come true! No, actually –a prayer come true.” 

He is the God who sees! So, here it is: an update from Brenna.  

“‘My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience, but let patience have it’s perfect work that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.’  James 1:2-4, NKVJ


Patience… a virtue that the Lord has been working to instill in all of us through this trial.   The synonym for patience is long suffering.  One month is suffering long in our society.  To be sure 10 minutes waiting for fast food to be microwaved is long suffering in America. 


Honestly, it has been a stretching time to wait with patience. Some days it has been easier than others.  After this move to Loveland, I felt like a kid who has been begging for candy in the check out line at Walmart. Begging God to show His mercy. Not that I threw a tantrum exactly. But I was lacking patience in the game of waiting and was fogging up my Jesus goggles with the tears. My Jesus goggles by the way, are WWI aviator goggles – to equip me for the battle. But this weekend I needed to trade them for scuba goggles as the waters of despair were sweeping over me. Tears fog goggles. Mine were fogged badly. I was such a mess that Randy made me take a leave of absence from the LTAC.  Randy and I were each grieving, and begging God for mercy to show us a sign that he was healing on the inside as much as we were witnessing on the outside.


The Lord brought me encouragement in Randy’s news yesterday (I received it on Sunday) and especially in the concert of prayer that our friends Shannon and Denise Fertig hosted and put on the blog. This was an amazing gathering of believers from 7 churches – alternating singing and praying for short times in focused, specific prayer as Shannon led the topics. We prayed for the doctors, nurses, Randy and I, the siblings, our chance to be a witness, and of course for Elijah to wake up and for Autumn’s continued recovery. As Shannon pointed out: the believer’s faith is built up when they pray specifically and see the answers.


June 8, 2015. Today is exactly one month from the date of the accident. We have seen the first of specific answers!! As Evan, Elijah’s older brother put it, “It’s no accident that all of this happened after the prayer concert”. Elijah is moving past the 3 hour mark for needing medication to manage his storming (most times) and when I arrived today Randy showed us how very aware Elijah is.  His eyes are very open and tracking, not quite smoothly yet, from person to person in the room!!!  Also, I need to say, I am not sure how clear he is yet in terms of thought. He is still on lots of narcotics. Often his eye movements are accompanied by small head turnsHe has much more facial expression.  He has pursed his lips and done quite a bit of furrowed brow movements.   (waiting to see a smile) Also he is not posturing when he begins a storm but mostly lifting his arm from the shoulder and his elbow is bent. (He used to posture with arms stiff at his side and hands rotated to the inside.) The other remarkable thing that the Lord blessed us with is separate finger movements that we have never seen before!! Tonight, the nurse asked him to blink and with delay, he did.  He also was doing a squinchy face for lack of a better word – his mouth puckered up and his brows furrowed down. The nurse, Amy, told me this morning at 5 a.m. that she has a gut feeling that one day soon he will just wake up pulling all of the tubes out.


We were blessed with visitors today (Monday) who were able to share in our joy and witness first hand the miraculous workings of God.  We wept tears of joy and offered prayers of thanks.  So much joy today that I can barely remember how yesterday felt. I traded my scuba goggles for ski goggles. I am on top of the mountain embracing a beautiful view.


We praise God for granting us a sign as we were lacking patience. We thank God that He is ever patient with us and that He is testing our faith to produce patience in us. We desire to be faithful by His mighty hand working in our lives. May we use what He has taught us to become even more patient, able to wait on His perfect timing! Please join us in praising God for his faithfulness! 


As always we are awed and grateful for all of the ways that you all have helped. Please know that even though we are unable to respond individually, right now, to all of your efforts, gifts, prayers we acknowledge them and are truly appreciative.”

~ Brenna, for all






25 thoughts on “6/8/15 (Elijah’s progress!) 

  1. Oh Brenna I am praising God with you. This story is so difficult and yet so beautiful. The way your honesty has been so real and so God glorifying. You have both inspired and challenged me. I will keep praying with you until Elijah is fully restored.

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  2. Brenna Even thought we have never met, you have restored my faith in GOD. I have been going thru a problem myself and we are friends of Scott and Cinnamons and the kids, Your blog yesterday left me in tears and I started pray for Elijah even more than before and after going thru a procedure yesterday at the hospital and waking this morning at 3:00, I was beginning to feel no pain for that I have had for months and even years and as I sit here and write to you, I believe there is a miracle at hand. I really believe HE HEARD MY PRAYER FOR ALL OF YOU YESTERDAY. Keep up the blogs, they do help not only you but the people you touch. Luann Stone

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  3. Oh thank you for sharing your feelings about the miracles of the Lord. Patience is exactly as you have expressed, and I appreciate so much your being able to write it in a way that makes total sense to me as we all have things to patiently wait on the Lord for sometimes.
    We are so grateful for Elijah’s small little miracles each day. It certainly makes us smile and thank the Lord for his goodness and kindness. I am hoping your nurses comment rings true and very very soon!
    God Bless you all.

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  4. Oh Hallelujah!!! I’m praising Jesus with you all! This is awesome news! I’m trusting in him to continue to move and heal like only He can! He is a good and faithful God! ♡

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  5. Thank you dear Lord for your faithfulness and love!! You are our King and we are yours!! Please continue to bless Elijah and Autumn and their families and friends.

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  6. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! What a testimony of the power of prayer. May we be evermore faithful in praying for Autumn and Elijah, their families, and the medical teams. Thank you God for your faithfulnness in your promises, and for your ever presence with these folks. Amen.

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  7. Thank-you for sharing your “goggle” experiences with us; how dear your heart is ~ how dear you are to our Father!
    With tears of thankfulness, at the the inch stones you are witnessing, I do praise Abba, our Mighty God, with you, and will continue to pray with and for you all.

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  8. Praise, praise, praise God for His love over all of you. What a gift you have given us for this, almost daily, update. I’ve just been praying silently in the quietness of my room at night as I read your beautifully written words. Thank you for sharing Elijah’s progress. His inch stones mean so much to every step of recovery. Sending love and hugs!

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  9. Thank you Lord for your continued answer to prayers for Elijah and Autumn…..and thank you for the Joy and strength you bring to their families as they travel the long road to recovery…..Thank you for their parents sharing the journey with so many others thru Halley’s blog…..Their steadfast faith day in and day out thru good days and bad is such an encouragement to me and many others I’m sure

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