6/7/15 (Elijah) 

Words from Randy, Elijah’s father: 

“Elijah was transferred from the Cheyenne hospital to the Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital on Friday, June 5th.  The ambulance ride to the new facility went well, with no issues for him.  During the gurney ride outdoors from the ambulance to the new hospital entry Elijah’s eyes were open, and though at this point we cannot truly gauge facial expressions, I am confident he was enjoying the fresh air.  
At the new hospital, the activity level was intense, with nurses examining him to assess and understand his condition, as well as questioning Brenna & me about his medical history.  As all of this occurred, the timing for his medications slipped by the new staff; this, coupled with a lack of communication between the two hospitals regarding the historical medication regimen, set the stage for Elijah to experience a neural storm like we have not witnessed in some time.  The ‘storm’ lasted over an hour before it was completely controlled.  After consultation with Elijah’s doctor, we were able to reach a common understanding regarding the treatment requirements and the nurses were able to stabilize his condition.  Following the transfer, he had two restful days of recuperation over the weekend.  
We have begun to note increased eye movement when his eyes are open.  In fact, on Sunday, as he was looking toward me while I kneeled by his bed, the nurse entered the room near the foot of his bed and his gaze moved to where she was…another inch-stone. 
Please pray for Elijah’s next MRI on June 8th – we are hopeful there will be improvement from the two previous MRI and that there is no swelling in his brain.  Thank you for your faithful prayer and support; my family and I continue to be encouraged and strengthened as we witness the ministering body of Christ.” 

6 thoughts on “6/7/15 (Elijah) 

  1. Absolutely incredible. Our prayers will not cease. Many people at church today asked of Elijah’s condition, and send their prayers and continous spiritual support. Bring healing, Lord Jesus, bring peace, much needed peace for this family. Continue to give them the strength they need every day, and never let their hope be crushed. We pray for miraculous wisdom for the doctors and nurses that Elijah’s is under the care of, and for an overwhelming sense of contentment to bless Mr. and Mrs. Lowry, in the Mighty name of Jesus, with one voice across this world we pray!

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  2. Thankful Elijah was able to rest this weekend once his meds were squared away. As we were leaving church today, Mark was visiting with Pastor Mark & shared Elijah & Autumn’s story. Right there in the church atrium, Pastor Mark held our hands, and led us in prayer lifting up Elijah, Autumn &
    their families. May this week bring many new inch stones for both Elijah & Autumn, along with peace & comfort from our Lord Jesus!!

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  3. Praising God for yet another inch stone! And continuing with you all in prayer and believing in God the healer for his 100% recovery.

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  4. Before I looked at this update in my email. I listened to “Oceans” by Hillsong. Inspiring song, because there is days in my life where it is tough,but this song inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. Right before I wrote this comment, looked at the update. I searched that exact same song

    On Sunday God must have had a purpose to play this song on the way home to church. Maybe He was telling me it’s going to be a tough week and it will test my faith in Jesus.

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  5. Two vey restful days…what a blessing for Elijah. This young man has had major changes in a week. More wakefulness, following movement with his eyes, holding his head up without assistance, and lessening of the frequency and intensity of his PSH. Thank you Jesus. To God be the Glory. What an awesome report to hear that God who knitted him in his mother’s womb is reknitting him in the same perfection. Thanks for the update . We so much appreciate hearing how he is doing.

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