6/7/15 (Autumn) 

An update from Scott, with more beautiful pictures: 

“Autumn and I had a wonderful time of worship together this morning in the hospital.  It was such a special Dad and Daughter time as we sang and read God’s word together.  She was really hesitant in singing because it was her first time since the accident but I convinced her to let it out no matter what it sounded like.  We sang a few songs but I got choked up with Chris Tomlin’s “How great is our God“. Halfway through I couldn’t sing anymore and it was beautiful to hear just her voice express how great God is in the midst of her trial.

Our church is going through the book of Mark and I wanted to read her the passage we just covered in Mark 8 where Jesus asks a blind man what he sees and he replies, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.”  Autumn chuckled and said, “yes, yes that’s what I see too.”  It’s interesting how we can relate to God’s word at a whole new level when we are dealing with the same healing issues.  We have been calling out to Jesus to restore Autumn’s sight as well.  We continued to read into the next chapter where Jesus heals a possessed boy and he challenges the father with his own unbelief.  The father pleads and asks for help and says, “if you can do anything, take pity on us…”  Jesus, probing his unbelief repeats and questions the phrase, “if you can?”  Jesus then challenges with the truth and says, “Everything is possible for one who believes.”  The man immediately responds with, “I do believe; help me with my unbelief.”  

Autumn loved the phrase, “Everything is possible for one who believes.”  She repeated 3 times and told me to write it down.

I have learned so many things through this trial but this touches a chord with most of us.  When we are overwhelmed with heartache and can’t control the outcome, our God is big enough when we believe.  When circumstances are spinning out of control and doubt is setting in, that’s when we believe.  
Autumn’s eyes:

She did have surgery on Wednesday and her follow up consult went well.  She can’t use the eye yet because it is blurry from the procedure.  The doctors are hopeful that her vision will improve but it will take a few days to see what effect that will have on her sight.
Expanded space:

Just this morning I asked if Autumn could move into the larger section of her adjoined room because her roommate left yesterday.  After some cleaning, we moved on over to the window view which we all are enjoying a great deal.
A surprise gift:

The Lowry’s surprised Autumn and Cinnamon with matching hats yesterday.  Autumn mentioned that she would like to shop with hats on when they visited her last so two of them arrived at the hospital.  What a sweet gift.  Autumn and Cinnamon are sporting the new look below.
A touch of humor:

To keep Autumn from picking at her face (a Neuro reaction) I gave her some yarn that Cinnamon needed wound up in a ball for a project she is working on.  I started winding the ball together and kept dropping it on the floor.  After the 3rd time Autumn said, “Dad you are not a very good ball winder.”  What could I say, she was right!  She encouraged me to find a class where I could refine my ball winding skills!  I politely told her it was her turn and she proceeded to wind two full balls without dropping it once… all with bad eyesight I might add.  It was so funny that this Tramatic Brain Injured, half-seeing daughter of mine had to show me how it was done!  I will cherish our laughter on that for a long time.”



11 thoughts on “6/7/15 (Autumn) 

  1. I am praising God for all of Autumn’s present and future progress. I do believe she was healed at the cross 2,000 years ago and we are honored and privileged to view the manifestation of that. Hallelujah. I am so grateful to read your posts and see your pictures. Thank you.

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  2. My Lord knows the way through the wilderness
    all I have to do is follow,
    My Lord knows the way through the wilderness
    all I have to do is follow.
    Strength for today is mine always and all that I need for tomorrow. .

    My Lord knows the way through the wilderness
    all I have to do is follow.


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  3. God can heal her

    1Ti 6:20 ¶ O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane *and* vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: 1Ti 6:21 Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace *be* with thee. Amen.

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  4. Scott, I don’t have any words of wisdom, but know that my wife and I are praying for Autumn, Elijah and your entire family. Interesting to note that PAC started on the book of Mark just today. You might not remember me, but I go to the PAC in Plymouth and sang in the choir. I know that your families faith in God in these hard times has strengthened my faith. In ending…all I can say is God is in control. That is what I cling to when I pray for my two adult boys and their families. God bless you all.

    Dennis Kohlman

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  5. Precious Jesus, we are thankful for all you’ve done and will do for Autumn and Elijah on their roads to healing. We bless You oh Lord and continue to acknowledge You are God and You are strong and mighty and able to deliver these dear ones.
    We will wait patiently for your glory to be revealed

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  6. Scott, I looked forward to your emails and everytime I get one, I say a prayer for both of the kids. I know everything is going to be alright soon. Luann and Dean

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  7. Hello Scott and Cinnamon,
    How blessed we are, by your gracious, vulnerable sharing, from your hearts.
    Thank-you for the sacrifice of time, and energy it requires, for you to keep us up-dated, so we may better pray for, and with you.
    Your examples, and Autumns, of choosing to hold fast – to cling to our Father and trust Him, brings glory to Him, and encourages the body of Christ, as we read your words of hope, and as you share about the work God is doing in your midst.
    Thank-you, and the Lord bless you,
    With continued prayer, Sharon.

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  8. I’m not saying that god did this, I know you’re religious ( at least it seems that way) but I’m glad she is doing better. I believe she is doing better because of her own will to live and to keep prevailing.


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