5/31/15 (Reflection)

Hello everyone,

Many of you have asked to view the award winning film Reflection that Elijah spent the two weeks leading up to his and Autumn’s accident making with his fellow actors and producers, Joshua & Caleb Quinn. It has now been posted by Evan, Elijah’s older brother, for public viewing. Enjoy . . .

Lawrence Poulter’s reflection seems to control his every move, tempting him to do things that he doesn’t want to do. Watch this riveting short film about human nature, evil and forgiveness. Award winner for Best Film and Best actor at the Cheyenne Youth Short Film Festival, this short was created by Joshua Quinn, Caleb Quinn and Elijah Lowry and many others.


2 thoughts on “5/31/15 (Reflection)

  1. This is one of the best films I have ever seen. Elijah has the talent and ability to be a great film maker, producer, actor, and director, and can take Hollywood by storm.

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  2. Amazing….!!!
    To see him, feel him & watch him, was to know him more than just in a photo………..☺
    Wow, what a talent.
    They are both still in my prayers, along with all of you dealing with this tragic journey.
    God bless you all with His abundant healing & His favor & may He shower you with His blessings, warmth, comfort & love like a warm spring shower continuously.
    So much love…♥ (((HUGS))) ♥
    Chrissy H.


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