5/30/15 (elijah & autumn –pictures!)

Elijah’s Update:

Elijah’s condition has been stable, but largely unchanged. He is still unresponsive, but there are always new little ‘inch stones’, as we’ve been calling them, that make us so excited. He’s been yawning, and his blink relfex has been great. Also, this morning, when physical therapy came in and sat him up on the side of his bed, he had the strength and natural reflex to hold his head up unaided, which was a first!

He also has awesome new footgear –squishy black boots to protect the skin on his heels. Zeke and Spencer (E’s little brothers) and I all agree we want a pair too, because they’re so cool.

Sometime next week, he will be transferred to an LTAC (‘Long Term Acute Care’ Unit) in Colorado, which will serve as an intermediate location for him between the ICU and rehab. Randy’s specific prayer request today was that Elijah would be awake and responsive before then, so that he could be transferred straight to Craig Rehab Hospital and bypass the LTAC altogether.


Autumn’s Update: 

“Autumn is settling in well to her new Craig Hospital rehab schedule.  She had numerous tests and visits from nurses, doctors and countless therapy specialists.  She does occupational, physical and speech therapy daily so she has been quite exhausted trying to keep up with all the draining work.  She has been responding well to the treatment so far but it is clearly way too early to see where she will end up in a few months.

We had a special visit from Brenna and Randy last night which was a real treat to connect with them here at Craig.  They really enjoyed their time with Autumn and she recognized them right away!  Autumn had us all laughing in no time which was so good for our souls.

We had a special hair shaving session today so Autumn’s hair will be easier to take care of and will come back all at the same length.  Up until this point her hair was half shaved because of her scars from surgery.  The really fun part was Cinnamon joining the action and getting her hair shaved to support Autumn in her recovery.  After Cinnamon’s hair was fully shaved off, Autumn said,

‘yikes, someone get her a hat.’

At least she was having fun with it.  I thought I would attach a couple of pictures so you can see the new looks.”

— Scott

[these brought a *huge* smile to my face]





I see so clearly that these two have never for an instant been out of the palm of their Father’s Hand. I attended a friend’s wedding this morning, and we all sang Great is Thy Faithfulness together. The words, ‘all I have needed, Thy Hand hath provided…‘ rang so true to me. These brave families have followed their Jesus [carried by His grace and strength] through days that felt hundreds of hours long. . . and yet, He has never once withheld the provision they’ve needed to make it through. We’ll just keep watching Him unfold their stories, one moment, one “inch stone“, at a time.

our anchor holds. 

|| Haley

P.S. Here’s another song that illustrates our hope quite well, I think. [click here]


6 thoughts on “5/30/15 (elijah & autumn –pictures!)

  1. you have brothers and sisters in small-town Wyoming holding your petitions before our LORD. We know HE hears and will answer.



  2. Specifically praying for Elijah to wake up and follow commands so he can go to Craig!! Praying for all of you. Love you


  3. Autumn is beautiful!! Praying everyday for her and my sweet cousin. The Lord works in magical ways and those “inch stones” bring joyful tears to my eyes knowing he is so close to waking up. I wish I lived closer to be with him. We love you Elijah ❤

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  4. Our family is praying for their recovery. Thank you for posting the photos, Autumn looks wonderful! She is so blessed to have such a loving supportive family. May God continue to give you the wisdom and grace that you need for each day.


  5. Thank you for posting the photos! Autumn and Cinnamon both look beautiful, as always. Continuing to pray for both families – for peace, for rest, and above all for miraculous healing & recovery….. God’s hands are bigger than all the troubles this world can throw your way. Though we cannot see, the future of every path is known by the one who loves Elijah and Autumn, who crafted every hair on their heads and every cell in their bodies, and who, even now, cradles them constantly in His invisible hands. Praying for the work of those powerful hands to become visible to the rest of us very, very soon.

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