5/27/15 (Elijah)

Thanks for your continued prayerfulness and patience in regards to an update on Elijah. The last few days have felt like a crash course on living in the furnace –but, as is the pattern in scripture, our Jesus doesn’t ever ask us to walk there alone. Words of hope from Brenna:


Jesus Goggles.

It has been awhile since our last post.  In one sense, not much has happened –and in another sense, our whole world was tipped over, spilling out the last remnants of hope that we were clinging to.   While I will try not to go into details of all that has transpired, I want to again point you all to the glory of God and His miraculous loving hand in this process.  If you noticed, there seemed to be a delay in our postings.  Besides being too grief stricken to write, I also have had to ponder what the Lord has taught us when I look back over the previous days.

I am not sure that either Randy or I have ever been so close to lacking hope in our entire lives as we were over this past weekend.  The storm that I had referenced in the last post began to swirl into a tornado Friday and Saturday.  Emotionally, we were swirling as we celebrated Elijah’s 19th birthday – wishing he were able to celebrate.  The bittersweet moment that Elijah won Best Actor in the movie Reflection and was not able to be there to receive the reward for his work.  Physically, the storms were not abating as the doctors were testing different medical approaches.  Spiritually, the storm was very dark as we often felt as if the struggle was not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this world (Eph 6:12)

Finally, on Sunday night the storm was silent and the world was as black as night.  A new neurologist was called in as a consult for Elijah.  It was during a family meeting that he delivered the death blow to the Hope that had lived within us. In short , the doctor reinterpreted Elijah’s MRI to reflect the diagnosis of Diffuse Axonal Injury (axon shearing).  He went on to say that as Elijah was at a Glascow Coma Scale 6, he would likely have a very poor prognosis. With my training in speech-language pathology, I couldn’t have picked a more fearful prognosis.  When the neuro doctor delivered his dismal news he said, “if there is a God”. In my shock and sadness, I pitied this man who could specialize in one of God’s most amazing creations (the brain), and not worship its Creator.

Monday, as I read The Pilgrim’s Progress to Elijah – Christian was recounting his journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. “That is us,” I thought.  Like Christian, we found that without Hope we were battling the Giant of Despair.  We wrestled with Hoping in God through faith despite the lack of all that we could see.

As we sat in sackcloth and ashes, grieving the death of hope, our friends came alongside with prayers, encouragement, clinical studies and anecdotal stories to offer hope.  Amazingly, Elijah’s primary doctor also called us from her vacation to make sure that we would believe the best for Elijah’s recovery and cling to the original diagnosis of fatty emboli syndrome.  With that call the sunshine started to break through.  Also, the Holy Spririt reminded me that we do not grieve as those who have no hope.  Through these Hopeless glasses, my view of what Elijah was doing and even his future changed. I needed Jesus goggles.

Then today came.  A new day dawning with fresh mercies from the hand of Our Living God.   I put on my Jesus goggles.   I came to the end of my fight with  the Giant of Despair, and Hope in Jesus was prevailing.  At rounds this morning, I told the doctors that since the diagnosis doesn’t change the treatment we choose to believe for the best.  I told them that my God was bigger than all of  their prognoses and that I choose to believe in Him.  Where did that boldness come from??  I am not sure.  In my flesh it is intimidating to proclaim faith in the midst of people touting “science” as fact.

Later today, that same neurologist conferred with docs at Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Denver per my request.  He called back bearing the message of hope – these doctors see that Elijah’s situation will move to a good recovery!   The Craig doctors uphold the original diagnosis of the trauma doctor and the neurosurgeon:  fatty emboli syndrome.  This has a much more favorable outcome with rehabilitation.  The brain injury was essentially caused, not by the car accident, but by the breaks in his femurs.  The marrow sprays fat into the veins and these showers travel throughout the body, sometimes ending in a fatal pulmonary embolism but often in the brain or internal organs.  In the brain (where they landed in Elijah) they are essentially mini strokes.  Many many case studies attest to a positive full recovery.  Praise God and to Him alone be all the glory!

In the flesh nothing has changed much during these last  days.  Elijah still has no purposeful movement but was more aware (eyes open and blinking) today and had the stitches removed from his many (13) incisions in his legs.  At 10 p.m. I received a call that informed me that they are going to redo all of his medicines per a doctor consult from Craig Rehab Hospital in Denver.  Randy is trying to juggle work along with a hospital shift.

So why are we joyful and lighthearted today?  I believe it is the lenses through which we view the situation.  The glasses that we choose to put on.  The worldly glasses often cause us to walk by sight, but when we wear Jesus goggles He asks us not to walk by sight, but by faith.  This faith causes hope to thrive.  Jesus reminded me that whatever the situation, we need to view it through His lens, His goggles.

On my drive to the hospital this week, Grace, the boys and I listened to Laura Story’s song BLESSINGS.  Always a favorite, the lyrics mean more to me than ever.

…we doubt your goodness.  We doubt your love.  As if each promise from your word is not enough.  And all the while, You hear each desperate plea//and long that we’d have faith to believe

…what if trials of this life.  The rain the storms, the hardest nights// Are your mercies in disguise?

— Brenna

(On the lighter side, Elijah has the PT’s and nurses enamored.  The PT’s comment on how beautiful his eyes are and one nurse thinks he looks like Matt Damon. To my amazement, he still rocks a pretty great hairstyle despite the lacerations on his head and 19 days in bed!)


21 thoughts on “5/27/15 (Elijah)

  1. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for being with my best friend these past weeks. Elijah, hang on in there, buddy. The best is yet to come. You are not alone for the Lord our God is with you.
    Interesting how you manage yet to gain fans and admirers even in a crisis as this. But not too surprising for you always shine through with your character, personality and faith. Always standing tall knowing God is there with you even in the darkest and loneliest times.

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  2. I’m praying for both of your families. Here I am a complete stranger who gathers encouragent in my faith from reading these blog entries. As I cry out for the families my heart is also filled with awe and worship as I ponder what great things He is doing and going to do through Elijah and Autumns stories. We may not find out here, but I believe we will get home and see that this earthly battle ground was shook by a holy shock wave from this ‘accident’. God is at work! May he continue to give you faith and hope by his mercies.


  3. If you ever want to talk to other families that have been through what you are gong through, please let me know. I have several friends that have children with TBI, as well as clients. I have one friend whose child lost 40% of her brain (before the age of 1) and they were told she would never walk, talk, etc. My daughter and her celebrated her 14th birthday last weekend with manicures, pedicures, and lunch. As well as conversations about boys and Facebook. None of these children have followed the same path in recovery, but most have recovered in their own way. As for the doctors, pick the ones you have the most faith in, go with their recommendations, and pay no mind to those that don’t agree.

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  4. Sitting here crying with you and praying for you! I have not written before, but please know that our family is thinking of you and praying for you continually! You are on our hearts and minds all the time!! You guys can do this! You can fight! Praying today for your renewed strength, wisdom, faith and hope in our God who still does miracles!

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  5. As I pray for His resurrection power of healing for Elijah, I am reminded of one of my favorite song.
    “I’m in a fight not physical
    I’m in a war, but not with this world
    You are the light that’s beautifully
    And I want more I want all that’s yours
    Joy unspeakable that won’t go away
    And just enough strength to live for today
    So I never have to worry what tomorrow’ will bring
    ‘Cause my faith is on solid rock
    I am counting on God”

    Stephen and I stand in prayer for all of you.

    Love and hugs.

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  6. I am feeling one of God’s nudges as I do my homework for a Beth Moore bible study on Daniel. It is talking about Satan’s schemes to wear God’s people out and after reading Brenna’s post just now I know it is appropriate to share how “God’s all surpassing power” is available to each of us, but especially to the families of Elijah and Autumn.
    2 Corinthians 4:7-12, 18
    “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed but not in despair, persecuted but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may be revealed in our mortal body. So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.
    So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”
    Pass out those Jesus goggles to us all please.
    Awaiting miracles,

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    • Not by might not by power but by my spirit says the Lord. Praying fervently for Elijah and your family. Keep sharing your messages of hope and garments of praise. They are an inspiration to many.


  7. Our God is an Awesome God! He reigns from heaven above. With wisdom, power, and love! Our God is an Awesome God!
    You are all in my prayers!


  8. I just ran multiple errands and the last song that played on the radio as I reached home was “Blessings” that Brenna had mentioned in her last update. God is in all the details and has impeccable timing. I’m going with our trials being “mercies in disguise.” 🙂

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  9. When you spoke of Elijah’s birthday and award for actor last week it reminded me of a scene from Elijah’s early life. He was 2 and half approx. and wanted to eat. We set him on a chair in my kitchen and he could just see the top of the table. I thought he would get on his knees to eat, but he didn’t. He would reach into the bowl with a thumb and forefinger, pull out a dry Cheerioa and eat it with slow relish. As he ate, he stared into the distance. My mother would have called it “dreamy”. After about half an hour of watching him, I said “Elijah, hurry up.”. He turned and looked at me with those eyes, as if I had two heads! Turning back, he continued to eat methodically, not changing his pace at all. I thought of this story when Brenna asked” I wonder what he sees”. That was my thought plus I thought he definitely heard his own drummer. I realized a couple of days ago, I think he had acting ability early. He sure had all of my attention! So glad you are waking up Elijah, You definitely are manifesting a miracle. Praise God. I will continue to pray for Elijah and Autumn’s total healing.


  10. Brenna,
    “I pray that God, the source of HOPE, will fill you ( Randy & family), with all joy & peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident HOPE through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13 New Living Translation
    Keep your Jesus goggles firmly in place as you trust & hope! Your testimony is such an encouragement to all of us following your journey. You are continually in our thoughts & prayers. Much love from the Branson family.

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  11. This all has been an intense and incredible journey for each one of us who are honoured to be called family and friends of Elijah. I am aware that the journey is not over and we are going through the early stages of this pathway. Elijah C.Lowry is one of the best and honourable and greatest men I have had the privilege and honour to be friends with. You are my friend, brother, ally and confidant. In all that we have gone through and experienced you were always the shining light and knight: a role model. In so many ways I looked up to you and always believed you knew better, and your advice and counsel well received, though one time it took divine intervention to get me to listen.
    Get better old friend and God bless.

    P.S. Even though others say you look like Matt Damon, I have to disagree because I believe and know you resemble another, Ioan Gruffudd.


  12. Brenna,
    saw this on Jeremy Camp’s post today, goes right along with your update. Love ya
    Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12


  13. In Him, we are more than conquerors. Elijah is firmly in Him….. praying that all will see the might and tender care of God in every step of Elijah’s journey, and that He will sustain your family supernaturally every moment of every day. Even as you walk this overwhelmingly difficult path, His loving hands are hedging you in, and He sees what we cannot – every cell in Elijah’s body is known to His creator, and every hair on that handsome head is numbered. He who cares for the sparrow cares meticulously for Elijah, made in God’s own image and glorifying Him even in this dark time.

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  14. Brenna, I am believing with you!!! Praying and trusting Jesus for his 100% recovery. Much love and prayers for you all!


  15. We are so amazed at the faith of your hearts and your testimony of the Lord Jesus and his love. You continue to be in our hearts and prayers.


  16. Although I have never met you – I have been praying continually for His healing . Your faith strengthens mine and we should all wear Jesus goggles all the time. May God continue to be with you all and hold you up and bring you hope!!

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  17. To the Lowry and Schwinn families:
    We (the Steinle’s in Pueblo but soon to be Walla Walla, WA) continue to pray fervently for you all. Today God had me reading Psalm 40 and Isaiah 40. I am praying through Psalm 40 for each of you. May you wait patiently for the LORD. May He draw you up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog and set everyone of your feet upon a rock, making your steps secure. May He put a NEW song in you each of your mouths, a song of praise to your God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in The Lord.

    There is more to my prayer for you but I will not cease. We hope to be able to come and pray with you in Cheyenne on our move up to Walla Walla.

    The Steinles

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