5/27/15 (Autumn) 

An update from Scott, Autumn’s father: 

Today, Autumn graduated to Craig Rehab Hospital in Denver.  She is showing marked improvement almost daily and she is ready for intensive training to improve her brain function.  Her periods of alertness are getting longer, and her daily walks are a little more steady.  

This morning they removed half of the 49 staples in her head.  She is going to have a huge scar to always remind her of what God has done.  Just as Cinnamon referenced Joshua and the stones to remember God’s rescue, Autumn will always have a mark to see God is healing her.  

Today marks the beginning of the next chapter that will be long and challenging.  Autumn has great energy, but she still struggles with recognizing us as parents and simple facts elude her.  She has vacillated the last few days between recognizing us and not having any idea of who we are.  She thought Cinnamon was a long lost relative she was just now meeting in the hospital.  She has also made us laugh by talking in a British, an Asian-French (?), and a Russian accent!  She’s really not aware of doing it.  

Each day is going to prove to be interesting, to say the least.  We know the road ahead is long and we don’t know what lies at the end, but we are  thankful for all of your prayers for our beautiful daughter.”


5 thoughts on “5/27/15 (Autumn) 

  1. I send you praise for your daily words give me true comfort and lift my spirit.
    God has chosen Autumn and Elijah to endure a difficult path, but at the same time give all of us the strength in his love through wonderful parents like the 4 of you.


  2. Praise the Lord for this graduation. There will be daily challenges along the path, but God will be holding Autumn in his hand as her brain heals and she begins to regain those memories locked deep within. It warms my heart to hear you are finding humor in her multiple accents. She learned them some where along the way and is remembering them now. Laughter will heal you all. God Bless
    Pat Stockwell

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