a quick note on the fund raising…

Good morning everyone,

As the dawn breaks, so do His mercies!

I was doing some calculating the other day, and based on the site stats, if every person who has visited the site thus far donated as much as $10 to either E or A’s medical accounts, both of them would already have been several thousand dollars past fully funded.

Please prayerfully consider whether or not the Lord is leading you to help Elijah, Autumn, and their families in this particular way. This post is in no way intended to make anyone feel obligated; rather, it is meant to be an encouragement to readers who [like me] may feel that their $10 wouldn’t make a difference.

Feel free to share this post, and the links to their gofundme accounts!

To access Autumn’s account, click here

To access Elijah’s account, click here

We are so thankful for you all!

our anchor holds. 

|| Haley


10 thoughts on “a quick note on the fund raising…

  1. Haley, I am trying to get ahold of you…I texted you at 307-286-0469…the number you have included on this blog to get in touch with you. However, the number is not correct as I was texted back and told that number was not for anyone named Haley 🙂 . Can you text me please at 303-809-6030! Thank you!


  2. I have been following this story for the past couple days. My heart and prayers go out to these two beautiful families. My heart is so heavy each time I read your updates. I believe in the power of Prayer and the love of The Lord. With each prayer I send you patients and positive energy as well. God bless you !

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  3. Just a wanting you all to know that we are continuing to pray for Elijah and his complete healing. We pray that Jesus would touch his neural storms and bring calmness. We pray for his mind that Jesus will renew his mind and he will wake up and live. We are also praying that God will speak truth, peace and unity to Brenda and Randy. May you know that what ever decisions you have to make that God is in your midst guiding you. We pray for peace for your entire family. May God not be silent in this but speak clear direction to you all. We are praying so often and crazy for you all. We pray. We pray and pray. God be glorified!!

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  4. Haley, is there a way we can donate to Elijah and Autumn’s funds without using GoFundMe. I can’t support the GoFundMe site, but would like to make a contribution.

    We are praying for both Elijah and Autumn. Thank you to you and the families who have so selflessly submitted updates on Elijah and Autumn.

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    • Hello Sharon,
      Yes, as far as I know, the accounts are still open. If all else fails, you can write a check (to Randy Lowry or Scott Schwinn) and mail it to:

      412 Weatherby Dr
      Cheyenne, WY 82007

      Thank you *so* much! May the Lord richly bless your evening. 🙂
      || Haley


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