5/24/15 (Elijah)

Last night, Elijah’s friends/family came out in full force to support him at the ‘Cheyenne Youth Film Festival’. Elijah spent almost every moment of the two weeks leading up to the accident with his friends Joshua, Caleb Q., Caleb J., Rachel, and his sister Grace, filming their 15 minute short film, Reflection.

In order to be eligible to take part in the contest, a particular quote had to be included in the screenplay of Reflection . . .

Life is too short to be taken seriously.

~Oscar Wilde

In light of Elijah’s testimony and situation as a Christian… does that give anyone else chills? Elijah and Autumn’s lives and circumstances stand in bold opposition to this quote, and the truth was clearly proclaimed in last night’s debut. Our lives are too fragile not to be lived purposefully and taken seriously. For the Lord who bought us, and for His glory.

Elijah & friends did a fantastic job on this short –it was a gospel allegory dealing with our sinful nature and redemption. Reflection was nominated for 6 out of 7 awards… and won three of the categories, including ‘Best Picture‘! To the backdrop of tears, wild cheering, and a standing ovation, Elijah won the ‘Best Actor’ award. And let me tell you, he earned it. Here’s a little look at the evening (sorry for the less than perfect quality). . .

It is just too easy to brag on this kid. 🙂

Thanks to all who turned out to show their support; we can’t wait to show Elijah these clips, and all of the pictures you so patiently let us snap.

As far as a medical update, we would just ask very specifically for prayer for Randy and Brenna; they are needing wisdom for decisions on how to best aid Elijah’s recovery. 

with you in continued prayer and thanksgiving,
waiting upon the God who sees,

|| Haley



8 thoughts on “5/24/15 (Elijah)

  1. Haley I’m so thrilled and grateful I got to meet you last weekend and see you again this weekend! I can’t thank you enough for the updates on Elijah and Autumn! Randy and Brenna are so blessed to have so many people blessing them right now. It’s hard being in Denver and not being able to help more! You are awesome thank you so much for all you do! Angie (Randy’s sister)

    Hugs to you and your mom and Grandma! so nice to have met them too

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    • Agree with Angie, Haley!! What you’re doing is truly awesome. Seeing all the love and caring people who stop by for Elijah, Randy & Brenna was truly witness to Gods work. Consistently prayerful. Debbie (Randy’s other sister)

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  2. Congratulations, Elijah! You deserve this and much more. Your film, without question or doubt, was the best that night and one of my favourites. My only wish if you had been there to see all the love and support from friends and family; yet I know in my heart you were there with us in spirit and in our hearts and minds.

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