5/22/15 (prayer for Autumn)

I got a message from Cinnamon (Autumn’s mom) a minute ago, and wanted to share her request with you all.

“Autumn has had continually declining neuro exams throughout the day, and they are taking her back for a CT scan right now. Please pray.”

Thanks for joining us before our Abba Father. . . there isn’t a single moment that His children can be sustained without His Almighty Hand.

|| Haley

Updated two hours later:

CT scan remains unchanged. Not sure what’s causing the decline. Possibly just a waning period which can be common in tramautic brain injury patients. We continue to wait on the Lord for His outcome. Praying Psalm 118 and 121.


6 thoughts on “5/22/15 (prayer for Autumn)

  1. Just read your post and was led to Ephesians 3. Tired and fumbling to find the prayer I stumbled on Jonah’s prayer that I used in my own struggle. Lord, I pray that both of these families will continue to find strength and comfort in your word. I pray for a Holy breakthrough for both of these young people. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.


  2. Praying. May The Lord fill you with His sweet presence. I am continually praying for complete healing for both Elijah and Autumn. I pray that just as Jesus calmed the storm with His word that He calms Elijah’s neuro storms with His word. Praying that God who caused King Nebuchadnezzar to go crazy and then one day completely restored his mind will do the same for Autumn and Elijah.

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  3. Luke 6:21b. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh. We will laugh for the joy we feel when they recover. But for now all we can do is have faith, hope, and love. As we walk through this. In prayer, Abby

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