5/21/15 (Autumn) 

I am so grateful when I get updates like this. Words from Scott, Autumn’s father: 

“Autumn had another God filled day!  It started a bit slow but soon Autumn was up to the chair ready for breakfast.  She is on a liquid diet because of her swallowing challenge and after not being very impressed with the hospital menu, I suggested a green machine smoothie from the lobby.  Well it was the perfect treat with lots of natural greens that she really enjoyed.  In fact, she liked it so much that she pushed aside the spoon I was using and grabbed the cup to feed herself.  She was a bit rough with some spilling but she did great and even wiped her mouth with her napkin after each sip.  I commented on her polite use of the napkin and she said, “well that’s what your supposed to do.

She went for two assisted walks a bit later and answered correctly who her youngest and oldest siblings were.  She has also been off of all pain meds for 3 days now which is truly remarkable.

She is now correctly identifying both Cinnamon and myself which is a big answer to prayer!

She also took another big step this afternoon in getting transferred out of ICU to a Intermediate care unit.  She will still get great care but won’t have to put up with the constant poking that you get in the ICU unit.
The last amazing inch stone was the fact that last night she asked for paper and a pencil.  She proceeded to write out “Scott and Cinnamon Schwinn” on a piece of paper.  I was astonished at her ability to get that down in a way we could read it!

All of the above were done by a young woman with God’s divine hand on her life.  Now, she is very rough with her movements and she definitely looks like she has a major disability.  These things are very hard for her but we are still in awe of God’s healing hand.  The nurses are amazed at her progress each and every day.

It sure was a blessing to see Elijah, Randy and Brenna yesterday.  We are walking this road together and there is such a deep stirring of God’s presence that only can be borne out of such heart ache.  The Lowry’s are choice people that I am privileged to know along this truly refining journey.

God has been so very good to us and we are humbled by how He is moving in our lives.  I love these verses of God’s protection and His nearness in times of trouble when we call out to Him.

Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” Psalm‬ ‭91‬:‭14-16‬.

“Please continue to pray for Elijah and Autumn.”


11 thoughts on “5/21/15 (Autumn) 

  1. Thank you , Lord for the good report on Autumn. I pray that you will multiply your blessings for Autumn and her family. You are indeed the Great Physician. We praise you, honor you and will continue to pray for this family. Lord, I also pray for her father’s total healing.


  2. Lord, thank you for a vey good report on Autumn. What a miracle that all of this has happened in two weeks. You most assuredly are the Great Physician. I pray for continued blessing for the Schwinn family, as well as, total healing for Scott. In Jesus name.


  3. we love your family and continue to pray for you all. Thanks for sharing this journey with us, God is faithful and the strength and faith that your letting us witness is the greatest gift you could give me. Thank you and Godbless☺️


  4. I am so amazed at the Healing Hand of our Lord.. There is nothing that can stop the Love of God, the Lamb of God, sweet Jesus, it’s Your Name.. your Name in which we place our hope and trust. Lord we praise you for this beautiful blessing of healing… we are left speechless in amazement…


  5. Praise GOD! That is awesome news. Just shows He has something amazing for Autumn’s life. Still praying for both.


  6. Thanking God for His healing hand on Autumn! Wow – what great news! Let’s keep on praying for the movement of that healing hand that moves the universe.


  7. My heart rejoices that she knows you. It also aches for the hurt.I know that He provides the strength as you walk this journey. Thank you for sharing with us.

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  8. Scott and Cinnamon,
    We are so happy to hear how much progress Autumn has made and continues to make! We have been praying every day since the accident for you and over you all. We especially have been praying Psalm 91, which is so awesome considering you quoted that in your last update! Its so amazing to see God’s glory in all of this and see His mighty hand of protection and love stretched out over Autumn and Elijah each day. Thank you SO much for all these updates that you, Cinnamon, and Haley write! You have blessed my heart in so many ways through these updates! Can’t wait to hear about another one of Autumn’s “God filled days”!!! Love and many prayers!

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  9. Dear Elijah and Autumn my family and I have been lifting you up in prayer since we received the news of your accident from my aunt Patricia Stockwell. We are so thankful that God is healing you both! In time you both will realize that this is something that will bring glory to God and that many lives will have been brought to salvation from this. We are all here for such a short time compared to eternity and what God chooses or allows we must trust as He is in control and will make all things work together for good to those that love Him!!!

    Happy Birthday Blessings to you Elijah 🙂

    Sending Love & Prayers daily to you and your families,

    Travis & Jody Campbell & Najja, Carissa, Keaira & Jaylin

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  10. To Elijah, Autumn, Family, Friends and Medical team, I pray for you throughout everyday. I had prayed you would deeply know Psalm 91 and in faith, claim them! How joyful I am to read this post! God has such amazing plans to bring goodness and light out of such darkness and ashes. This blog is sharing the awesomeness of our God, Jesus Christ! Your lives , your raw honesty, is teaching us. God bless♡

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