Hello all,

I have both an update and a request for you all today:

Elijah’s condition was pretty unchanged. He sat up in his cardiac chair again for a few hours this afternoon, and did well –but we could tell he was tired from sitting up so much yesterday. An ultrasound was done on his internal organs (there was some worry that his pancreas had been injured), and it came back completely clear –Thank you, Jesus!

Brenna’s specific prayer request right now is that he would awaken enough to respond to commands –we are all so looking forward to the day when he looks into our eyes and squeezes our hands.

Today held something else extra special and encouraging — Scott, Autumn’s father, drove the two hours up from Denver to encourage Elijah’s family this afternoon! Autumn spent the day resting after yesterday’s exciting progress, so Scott was able to take the time to come visit Elijah. It was so refreshing to spend the afternoon exchanging stories and praying together. Thank you so much for coming, Mr. Schwinn!

Now, for the announcement. A film-making friend of Elijah’s is putting together a ‘happy birthday’ film for Elijah (who turns 19 on May 22nd). . . and you can be in on it! We’re asking you to take a video of yourself (or your whole family!) wishing Elijah a happy birthday, giving words of encouragement, or a birthday blessing [no longer than 6 seconds, please], and then email these clips to Kourtny at thekourtyard@gmail.com . She’ll compile them into a video we can show Elijah when he’s awake. Be as creative and fun as possible! Thanks for joining us in making sure Elijah knows his birthday was definitely recognized and celebrated. Please try to have these clips in by Saturday, May 23rd! 

You know, everyone (myself included) keeps saying that this is going to be ‘a long road’ to recovery. I say it out loud to remind myself when I’m feeling impatient. In those moments when I’d just like to hear his voice already. But it’s been so good for me to remember that we serve the Jesus who walked the Via Dolorosa –He knows all about long roads. And He carries us.

‘our anchor holds.’

with you in prayer and thanksgiving,

|| Haley


5 thoughts on “5/20/15

  1. This morning I asked the Lord to lead me to what he wanted me to read in the Bible. I opened to Psalms and a note written on small stationary by Brenna when her son Jonathan went to be with the Lord. I read it occasionally and also read the scripture she signed off with. I hope this will comfort and reassure all. Psalm 139:13-16. God’s Kingdom is come!

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  2. May the Almighty Christ Jesus continue to bless and heal Elijah, Autumn and their
    families daily. So much has happened that no one can call fate or chance or luck, especially the film nominations. God is good and always there for us.

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