5/18/15 (Elijah)

From Randy, Elijah’s father:
“Praise God, Elijah is now breathing on his own. The medical staff was also able to decrease his sedation medication to zero today, and are now only utilizing pain medications; this should allow for increased alertness and awareness as we wait for Elijah to awaken.
Staple sutures were removed at three laceration sites on his body, two located on his head and the third on his left elbow. Again, we are thankful for the miracle of healing the Lord provides each of us, and especially how quickly this has occurred for our young man.
Elijah also underwent his first physical therapy session as the therapists moved his arms and legs and then sat him up in bed.
I’ve begun reading to Elijah one of his favorite books, Pilgrim’s Progress, and as I read I can’t help but see somewhat of a parallel storyline with our current journey. Regardless of the road we are called to walk, we can be thankful for God’s faithfulness. 1 Corinthians 1:9 –“God is faithful.”
Thank you for continuing to pray that Elijah will wake in the Lord’s time, and that through this ordeal the Lord Jesus will be glorified. Phil 4:4.” 

9 thoughts on “5/18/15 (Elijah)

  1. Continuing to pray for both kids. Please know that there are many people across the nation who are holding Elijah and Autumn up to the Lord, while not posting comments. Your dear children are being lifted to our loving Father who hears the prayers of His people. Be encouraged!!

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  2. Oh Jesus! I have been in steady prayer all day for these wonderful people… to see such an amazing amount of progress in just one day is overwhelming in the goodness of our Savior Jesus, who hears us when we call upon Him… He is near, he is with us…


  3. I do not normally reply to things like this but felt compelled to do so. I really feel that a mighty miracle is coming through all of this. I can see God orchestrating the miracle you’re waiting to see. Lives have been and will be touched through it. God will be exalted. It’s really hard to understand why these things happen. I ask that question every day as my husband goes through his second round of kidney failure. I cannot answer the why but I do know who to trust. I am praying for your families and pray that you will continue to trust God. He’ll get you through this. God bless you all.

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    • Thank you so much for your words, Tina. I feel quite the same way. God’s hand is so tangibly in this; it is impossible not to see how able He is to heal them, regardless of circumstances. I will be praying for you and your husband today! Thank you for your comment. . .


  4. Please know we, at NITOC, have been in prayer for healing for Elijah and Autumn; also for the families. One of the boys who prayed remembered Elijah from competition last year. He said Elijah was a wonderful, Godly young man. Thank you for the updates as they guide our prayers. God bless each of you. Praying for His peace which surpasses all understanding; joy in all circumstances; healing; wisdom; patience; clarity of mind; and whatever you need.

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  5. I am amazed at what God is doing in and through the lives of these two wonderful children of His!! I love to see how so many people are being brought together and to see the faith in our Father being poured out.
    I am so thankful to continue to receive the updates and read about the progress and see Gods healing hands at work.
    He is so faithful and I pray He receives all the glory due!
    I will continue to look for your updates and I will continue to life Elijah and Autumn up in prayer.
    love and hugs

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