5/16/15 (Autumn) 

I just spoke with Scott, Autumn’s father. In the next hour and a half, they will be taking her off of the ventilator. She is strong enough! 

He asked me to send out a prayer request, so that we could be standing with them in these moments. . . 

Come, Lord Jesus. He renews strength. 

With you in prayer, 

|| Haley 


10 thoughts on “5/16/15 (Autumn) 

    • Hang in there Autumn, Cinnamon and Scott, you can do this! Time to be cheerleaders, positive vibes for Autumn. Lots of encouragement from all, quietly of course. Reassurance that she is safe and strong, tell her she’s a fighter. Hold her hand, whisper how much you love her in her ear, gently holding her hand. Ask her if she’s scared, and tell her that’s normal. Breathing is like riding a bike. She will breathe. Mimic her breaths with yours. Tell her to just breathe….breathe in…..and out. Look in her eyes and show her. Cough if she needs too, strong cough. Tell you you love her 🙂 just mom and dad in the room. Don’t want to make it too overwhelming! I will see you guys tonight. Prayers! Angie

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  1. Autumn and Elijah have been and will continue to be in our prayers from Howards Grove Wi. We will be having a prayer in church for both of them and the families. May god be with both families to give them strength and comfort.


  2. Lord we stand in agreement with Scott n Cinnamon, believing that Autumn’s lungs are going to be strong enough to allow her to breathe on her own…..So she will be one step closer to recovering….amen


  3. Praise GOD Almighty! I know He has plans for both Elijah and Autumn. Will continue my prayers as long as necessary.

    As I scrolled down this reply page, I learned about another very special person: Haley. Thank you for all the work you put into this site, keeping us all informed. You definitely have a ministry, Haley. God bless you also, through this trying time.


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