to those in the local area…

Good morning, everyone.

Cheryl Black, a friend of Elijah’s family is organizing a prayer vigil for Elijah and Autumn on Friday, May 15th. The details are as follows:

  • Where: Along the sidewalk on the east side of Evans Avenue, across from the hospital
  • When: 4/15/15, 4:00-5:00 PM

Cheryl is asking that we all park in the neighborhood to the east of Evans Ave, to avoid interfering with hospital traffic. If you’re local, we’d love to see you there! If not, we’d be grateful to have you join us in spirit during this hour of coming before the Throne of Grace.

Thank you for your continued prayer!

|| Haley


15 thoughts on “to those in the local area…

  1. Can you give more detailed directions? I have no idea where you are talking. I live in Firestone, Co and would like to come.


    • Elijah is in the ICU at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Evans Avenue is one of the streets bordering the hospital property. You can get directions to the hospital on Google. Also, if you have questions en route, you’re welcome to call me. Thank you so much for considering coming!


  2. In Florida, but our family will be with all of you in spirit at that time. Autumn and Elijah, although we do not know them, have touched our hearts. We pray daily for them , family, friends and medical team all throughout the day. We have shared their story, as we learned it from Chris Jeub. Many are praying!

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  3. How neat! Will they have a prayer vigil in CO at some point? We are live literally about 2 min. from the hospital the Autumn is in. We will continue to pray!
    John 14:27


    • Hello Hannah! The easiest way would be for interested people to contact Heidi (the Denver contact listed in the side bar) and get approval to organize something. I think that sounds like a wonderful idea!


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