5/11/15 (11:45 PM)

Just heard from Cinnamon that they are taking Autumn in for a CT scan; they are seeing some new things that are concerning them. 

Incredibly, they just took Elijah down for the same test. 

Please pray for clarity! 


4 thoughts on “5/11/15 (11:45 PM)

  1. So thankful that Elijah’s head CT scan looked good yesterday, but it troubled me greatly through the early morning (1:00 AM to 3:00 AM EST) that the scan had not included more of his body. If today’s scan is of his abdomen and chest than Jesus has directly answered my early morning petitions. Praising Him no matter what. He can make the broken whole and I am praying that the wisdom needed to do that would transcend upon the staff caring for both Autumn and Elijah. May you all feel Christ’s arms around you today as you wait for results.

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