5/12/15 (CT results) 

Autumn’s condition: 

“Autumn’s CT scan results were unchanged.  She is in surgery right now to begin repair of facial fractures.  Will be 5-6 hours today.”

Elijah’s conditon: 

Elijah’s CT results came back as “inconclusive”. They have started him again on the sedatives and pain medication . . . We’ll wait and see what the day holds. 

Pray specifically for Autumn’s surgery, and that the Lord would place His wisdom and grace upon this process of walking Elijah through the pain and into consciousness. His system was entirely narcotic naive before Friday; this may well play a part in why it is taking him so long to wake up. So much wisdom, faith, and patience is needed on the part of his physicians and family. Thanks in advance for your continued prayer; I hope to send out another update today when there is a bit more clarity. 

Elijah will be taken back for an MRI at 11:00 am, after which they will again start reducing the sedatives. 

“They that wait upon the Lord never wait in vain.” // Andrew Murray 

|| Haley 
Oh, and this song really ministered to Grace (Elijah’s sister) and me yesterday. I wanted to share it with you all. 


19 thoughts on “5/12/15 (CT results) 

  1. Thanks for this update, Haley. We will continue to lift Elijah & Autumn up.
    We are friends with Tim Timmons and I’ll let him know that his song ministered to you. ❤️ I encouraged Maggie to suggest having praise or soft classical music in E & A’s rooms if possible. It’s so comforting to all who are present (even the doctors and nurses). 🎶
    “Look to the Lord and His strength – seek His face always.” Ps. 105:4

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    • Autumns mom here: all of her nurses have been very receptive to playing music, so I turned my phone on to my praise and worship pandora station and let the run yesterday. Rubbed her feet with some essential oils and sang softly to her with the music. What sweet peace when “His eye is on the sparrow” (Selahs rendition) came on. Pleading hourly for our “sparrows”!

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    • Hello dear family,

      You don’t know me but my family are close to the Halletts who passed your circumstances on to us (and which in kind I have passed on to my network). Your Children are being lifted up daily before the mighty throne of the most capable being in existence, our Friend, Shepherd, Healer, Provider, and Salvation, Jesus!

      May His heart and hands touch your family’s like never before and the glory of that testimony be a zealous light for the remainder of your time here in this dark earth of His Glory!

      Love Chad, Nicole, Psalm, Livingstone, Asher, Lydia, & Selah.

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  2. I would also like to recommend music that is Autumn and Elijah’s personal favorite songs. There is research and stories of individuals that responded to songs they enjoyed much like we all enjoy a memory that might be associated with a particular song. Last month as my mother was on her way to meet her Savior she responded to me singing her favorites hymns. When she seemed otherwise troubled by being read to she actually shook her head yes when asked if she wanted me to keep singing. ICU is a place filled with so many audible beeps and alarms that hearing something they recognize with good memories may serve well to provide healing and a desire to come back into our world. If their favorites are not those of the staff and family, consider some ear buds and watch what happens. It can also be a distraction therapy for pain.

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    • I completely agree, Pat. I’ve seen that research and heard the stories as well, which is why I suggested to Maggie that the parents try music.
      When my dad was hospitalized, I had my aunt bring in a CD player and my mom & I put on some of his favorite music. He loved it.
      The earbuds are good idea – Yes, a distraction therapy for pain (Elijah)…

      “My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul.” Ps. 108:1


  3. Autumn and Elijah, guys, I know you probably don’t me, and you can’t read this right now, but trust me on this one: You got this. You’ll come out alive. I know you can. I know you. God Bless!


  4. My family is praying for these two precious lives. We met Elijah through Bible camp and learn of Autumn through this tragic accident.
    We pray for God’s will in all things, bearing in mind that He does not forsake His own, whether in the body or out of it. He holds us in the palm of His hand and gives those who seek His face peace, hope and, yes, even joy, in the shadows.
    May He be glorified in all things, may these circumstances bring someone to know Him or someone closer to Him. May He give comfort to those in pain, whether body or soul and may all involved be able to give God praise for His goodness.

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  5. I’m still praying for the best outcomes that miracles can bring. They are both in my thoughts daily. Prayers also go out for family and friends. Be strong stay positive!


  6. I continue to lift Elijah, Autumn, their families and the doctors up in prayer for healing, comfort and guidance. God is faithful and He loves these two more than any of us can fathom! Stay strong in the faith and see what our God can do. He will be glorified through this. ❤️🙏


  7. Saw this post thru a friend. Prayers being sent and adding both kids to our churches prayer chain. Such a horrible accident but our heavenly Father is the great healer. Cinnamon I believe I was at Cedarville College when you were, my heart goes out to you guys


  8. So many prayers coming your way. My family was also told to play music that I liked. My remembered a concert we were at prior to my coma and started to play that music. I started to emerge the next day. God is The Great Physician. He’s got this. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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