5/11/15 (evening update)

The latest on Autumn from Cinnamon (so grateful to hear this!) . . . 

“Autumn’s neuro checks about same.  She has a blood clot in her arm, but she’s still got pulse and it’s not a deep vein.  Putting warm compresses on.  She does have a carotid artery dissection, so they’re watching that.  She will go in for round one of plastic surgery tomorrow at 0730.  Swelling is coming down.  Still gets agitated and tried to sit up once, but it looked like she was doing it in her sleep.  She is still intubated, and won’t be coming off of that for a few days.  

Saw the neurologist this morning.  There is a lot of bruising on the frontal lobe, but it’s too early to determine degree of damage.  Doctor from rehab hospital here also.  We anticipate a couple more weeks here and then a transfer to inpatient rehab for a couple of months.  Most of the fractures are on the right side and that pupil is still sluggish.  Called in the eye doc and he says he can’t see anything that indicates function wouldn’t return.  So, just little steps at a time.  Hated her bed bath today!!  She likes her privacy!”

News on Elijah: 
His status is basically unchanged from this morning. His pain level is horrible, and he still hasn’t regained consciousness. This afternoon, they did a CT scan to make sure that his continued coma wasn’t due to brain damage. It came back clean [Praise. Jesus.]! Please continue to pray that he would wake up —soon. That level of pain is a huge stressor to his system. We are all longing to see his eyes open. . . And medically, we need him awake. Badly. 

Also, He’s breathing on his own! Because he hasn’t woken up, they have been unable to remove the ventilator tube –it’s in, but not on.  Hopefully, the vent can be fully removed tomorrow. 

Swelling has gone down a very little bit, but not enough. Keep praying –he is still so critical! 

There is a huge need for wisdom for the doctors, and Brenna and Randy. 

Thanks so much, everyone… We feel so richly blessed by you all. 

|| Haley 


6 thoughts on “5/11/15 (evening update)

  1. Thank you for the update.
    Praising God for the report for Autumn and for Elijah breathing on his own. Continuing to lift him up in prayer for supernatural relief from pain and him waking up soon.
    Love to all the family

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  2. Prayers for Elijah to wake up soon! Prayers for Autumn to heal as well!! Prayers for Uncle Randy and Aunt Brenna and cousins to be comforted during this time! Love you all!
    Thank you Haley for keeping us updated!


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