Helping the Families

Hello all,

I have this information under the page titled ‘how you can help,’ but someone very helpfully pointed out that you all weren’t immediately notified about this because it isn’t a regular blog post. Here is the information once again:

Accounts have been set up for both Elijah and Autumn, to help relieve the financial burden their families will be facing in the coming months. Please prayerfully consider how you might help each family during this time.

To access Elijah’s fund page, please click here

To access Autumn’s fund page, please click here

We truly cannot thank you all enough. The outpouring of support, and even just the incredible stats of the traffic this blog has received in the last twelve hours (10,000 views from 25 different countries… rising by the hour!), have greatly encouraged the families. They know that they are not forgotten –by their Father or His people! Keep sharing this site all over the place, and know that your prayers are absolutely impacting this situation. There is still so far to go, though, and they are both still so critical… stay on your knees!

In faith and thanks,



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