5/11/15 (Vent removal and MRI results)

From Cinnamon: 

“Autumn had a quiet night.  We will be meeting with the neuro surgeon and neurologist today to find out the results of her MRI and maybe the extent of brain damage. Her heart rate has dropped a little and the nurse isn’t sure of the cause of that.  Please pray for our hearts and response to this news.  Thank you for your continued prayers!!  There is no way we can ever repay you!!”

…The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him. // Nahum 1:7

As far as Elijah’s condition, they started to bring him out of the coma at 5 am (MST), and he’s coming out slowly. Lord willing, the vent removal will be attempted later in the day. 

How we need Him today! 


6 thoughts on “5/11/15 (Vent removal and MRI results)

  1. Jesus, I thank you that You are where we cannot be. You are in the bodies of these babies. YOU are in the medicine and technology. YOU are in the room. You are everywhere and YOU bind our prayers together and lay them at the feet of our Father. YOU have sovereignty in this because these children belong to you and YOUR will is being done. We thank You for what You are already doing and for what You will do. I pray peace and rest to Moms and Dads and for siblings. Keep them strong and surrounded with support. You are sooooooooooooooooo amazing!! Your creations are limitless, Your power unfathomable and we ask that YOU intervene and bring complete restoration beyond our requests so that OUR Father in Heaven be lifted up and that lives are changed forever because of the work You are doing in Autum and Elijah and the work You are doing in our lives as we see our prayers answered! We pray in Your Name, Jesus, because You told us to, AMEN!!


  2. Lord Jesus, You are so Good and Merciful! We love you and Praise You for knitting these Precious Ones back together.


  3. God, we know that you hold the world in your hands, and in your hands you hold these lives. God I pray that you will grant healing and rest. Bring peace to the family members who have to see their loved ones hurt. God please bring your healing hand. You are so amazing. AMEN


  4. We are praying for Autumn and all the Schwinn family today. You are not alone, God is there with you and we are asking Him to work a miracle in Autumn’s mind and body.


  5. You dont know me but we have a friend in common – Nikki Brungard. You are in my prayers as well as those of my church.
    Peace be with you. SVD


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