5/11/15 (Elijah #2)

Another quick note from the family. 

In order to bring him out of the coma, they’ve had to stop almost all of his pain medication and all of his sedatives. It is absolutely crucial to his recovery that he wakes up today, but it’s going to cost. Already, his pain level is “through the roof,” to quote the doctors. 

Please, please uphold the family today, and be interceding for special grace for Elijah. It’s going to be a long day for them. 

  • Pray for Brenna and Randy as they watch this painful process
  • Pray that Elijah would regain consciousness. 
  • Pray that his pain would be managable. 
  • Pray that the vent would be successfully removed today. 

He is our shelter in the time of storm. 

— Haley 


17 thoughts on “5/11/15 (Elijah #2)

  1. Yes definitely!!!! Praying hard!!!!!!!! “Jesus, embrace Elijah and his family in your loving arms as they’re going through this excruciatingly difficult time!! Give them the fullness of Your grace! Thank You Jesus! We know you are the Ultimate Healer! We know that Healing is Who You Are!! We wait on You…”


  2. Yes, praying. Please, Lord, flood these dear ones, especially Elijah, with your grace today.
    How we cry and feel the pain when another is hurting…we are a body and a spiritual family-thank you, Lord Jesus. Please bring healing and comfort.

    Thank you, Hayley. You are doing an awesome job here.


  3. In the midst of the storms of life, we cling to God Our Father, who provides us with His comfort, His love, and His healing power. I am praying for these two young people, and that they will come up and out of this strong, and fulfill all of God’s wonderful plans for them. I pray for their families, too, and that they will take comfort in His arms of Love during this most difficult time. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your great sacrifice for us all.


  4. Thank you for these posts. We are continually in prayer for the Lowrys and Schwinns, and of course Elijah and Autumn in particular. We pray for their complete healing and recovery, and for everyone who is affected by this terrible accident. Peace and love to all of you.

    With love,
    The Ericksons


  5. Prayers going up for all from San Antonio, Texas (Prentice’s family, the Pate’s). Speaking mercy, grace, strength, peace, steadfastness, wisdom, favor,…..for Elijah, Autumn, and their families!


  6. We are praying for a full and miraculous recovery! Lord Jesus, please cover Elijah with your comfort, grace, and love today!!


  7. We are praying for Elijah and Autumn and for their entire families. “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


  8. Praying all day ! My heart breaks for this whole situation but I am thankful that we can trust that Jesus is right there with both Autumn & Elijah. Touch them with your mighty hand, Lord Jesus!


  9. Autumn and Elijah are continually on my mind. I share their situation with everyone to get the word out to pray for them and their families. It has caused such heaviness on my heart as I am yoked in prayer for their peace, strength, medical teams, protection, and also reassurance that the Lord Jesus loves them and is with them. Know that you all are not alone. You have a worldwide family praying for healing!

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