Update from 5/9/15

Hello, all!

The updates and prayer requests are as follows:

1) Prayer for Autumn’s head injury in the next 48 hours is extremely urgent. From Cinnamon: “Autumn just gave a thumbs up, wiggled her toes, tried to open her eyes, lifted her arm, and tried to point to her nose during the last neuro exam. She’s still so critical and the next few days are so crucial!” 

2) Elijah is in a medically induced coma, and remains on a ventilator. He is scheduled for surgery at 7:30 am MST tomorrow morning (5/10), to place rods in both of his femurs (first surgery was yesterday evening to place pins in feet and lower legs. Second surgery was today -5/9- at 3 pm to place a filter to help catch blood clots). Specific prayer needed against blood clots forming, and infection (He spiked a fever today, and is currently receiving two different antibiotics).

3. Please just as urgently lift up Brenna & Randy, Scott & Cinnamon, as they walk through this along-side their children. They are carrying an unbelievable amount of weight right now, and so need His fresh grace every moment to sustain them physically and emotionally.

with you in prayer,



2 thoughts on “Update from 5/9/15

  1. I don’t know your families, but I am praying for your children. God is faithful to hear us when we call out to Him, and I know that He wants both of these young people completely healed and restored. We lost a 9 year old son in a terrible accident in 2009, and I sincerely pray that your children make a full and miraculous recovery. God is Love and Healing, and he will carry you all through this. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
    Sheila Brown

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